Friday, 29 March 2013

Lasting Easter.

     Our family has a tradition to Easter eggs together. Preparations begin far in advance before the fest, since children are really crazy about it. We buy dyes, sticks, some nice details, such as little flowers, beeds, etc. I don't want boasting, but I have to admit that with the course of time we've greatly developed our talents in it to such an extent, that our eggs can be used for decoration.
Easter eggs

     Really, I do like some personal interior designs with something which cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, I always decorate our house with unique things which are hand-made. Several years ago, one interesting thought crossed my mind: why not to try to use our Easter masterpieces to brighten up the house. Moreover, they have another substantial benefit: they can be changed with new ones each year.
To put it short, I bought several big glass vases without any ornaments, so that it can be transparent enough to show everybody our great creations.
                                           Easter eggs
     It wasn't though the end of my inventions. Another year, I decided to make a little tree of the eggs. I've bought a big brown stick in the decoration shop and attached little wires to it on which eggs were fastened. It was our Easter tree.
     I haven't got any plans for the upcoming Easter yet, but I hope that with the atmosphere which will be reign soon I'll manage to make something up.

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