Thursday, 14 March 2013

Touching story

     Want to share a story of a friend of mine. It begins on the street late at night. Having worked one more day with long hours, Sally was absolutely miserable, and only thing I wanted to do was to plunge into a soft bed and lose herself in the dreamy world. Never would she have thought that all that would become something so similar to touching movies.
      She's heard sorrowful yelping in a dark corner. Her curiosity didn't give her a chance to pass by, so she decided to check everything. There appeared to be sitting a little puppy. He was so cute that she couldn't stand a thought that he will be left alone. She took him home.
      But what interesting about this cute dog is that he was the one to get her out of depression and tough day-to-day routine. At first, it was like a hobby for her. She got to know many new people in her neighborhood who had dogs, as well.
      Moreover, thanx to Ronny, this is her dog's name, she met her boyfriend. The case is that Ronny is extremely friendly and doesn't allow anyone not to pay attention to him. So, Nick, her boyfriend, stopped to play for a while with him and in a few minutes started a nice chat with Sally. One thing led to another, and the next evening wasn't free any more. Now, they are living together and going to get married. And Ronny brightens up their monotony and cheers up during moody days.

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