Thursday, 28 February 2013

Homework Collapse


      I help my child with his home assignments. I have to admit that I have absolutely humanitarian turn of mind, and sometimes it’s rather hard for me to deal with some math tasks. Thus, I use some online services which provide ready-made home tasks, so that I can check the results performed by my kid. 
     Consequently, I always know the right answers and results, and to tell you the truth, it’s always pleasant to be thought by your offspring to be a genius. So, the method is simple. I look at my child’s assignments, order it to be done and sent me back via e-mail, try to understand it, and then explain it to my boy, in case he makes some mistakes. 

      Everything would be perfect if it wasn’t for my kid’s curiosity. He found out my clever plan. He saw as I was looking for some details in computer and asked me why there are his assignments on my desktop. I had to tell the truth and now I have to check his online history, so that he can’t use the same services as I used. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Young businessmen

Children and Money

     I'm used to the fact that children do not differ from adults, they are just smaller that's it. But the other days, I was shocked by how smart my nephew is. The case is he decided to become a small entrepreneur. I admit that such an idea is rather popular among kids when they begin selling lemonades on the street and some old toys they’ve been already tired of.
It seems to me though that my boy turned out to be rather original, since he invented to get money allowing other boys to play on his computer. Recently, parents bought him some super popular and brand new game. He was the first in the neighborhood to receive it. At first, he allowed them to play for free, but when the number of anxious increased he fixed fee for the time spent playing. 50 cents for ten minutes. And what’s interesting, this very number didn’t fall. In such a way, he has earned his first money. 
Children and Money

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Last winter memories

Golden retriever
     The whole family was amused with the idea of having a pet. Personally I, being now a 'grown-up', had been dreaming of it since my childhood. Thus, I decided that my children shouldn’t have waited for so long, and we bought a golden retriever. There couldn’t be any other outcome than that he became ‘people person’ not only in family circle, but also in our neighborhood and among guests.
     This New Year was the first one to celebrate with Dodge (our dog). And it turned out to be a complete disaster. The reason for this was that there were so many dangers for him all around the house.
     All started with X-mass tree ornaments. They seemed to him so bright and harmless, that he couldn’t but play with them. He’d broken plenty of them having his paws hurt. I was terrified with the thought that he could swallow it. Luckily, everything was OK, and we put our tree away.
Golden retriever

     We had to reject the idea to lit candles, as it was another risk for the dog. The same was with Bengal lights.
     And, the last but not the least, is a festive table. Everybody was so cheerful and happy that wanted to feed our dog that was the morning after suffering from overnutrition and stomach aches.
     To sum up, pets are extremely serious issue and we are ought to constantly keep eye on them.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Rewarding. Pros and Cons.

Rewarding children

     A commonplace method of bringing up children is rewarding. The issue has either its supporters or its opponents. Personally, I belong to the category of parents who retort to it rather moderately. I can explain it. The case is I don’t want to gift my child something for some simple good deeds. In this way, I believe, it is possible to receive rather pragmatic person, who will be kind to people only knowing that he or she will have something in return for it. Concerning this issue, I try to speak, to explain basic moral principles which should be ground for everyone’s life.

Rewarding children

     On the other hand, it is essential to encourage children for their success, for example, educational and sport fields. They should know that all this is deliberate way to receive some materialistic rewards in the future. Dealing with the sphere which presupposes prospects, a child should know why he or she should move forward.
     This is my personal opinion and I believe that it will have extremely positive result.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Freelance vs. Full-time

Freelance vs. full-time

     When I was studying at college, I was working part-timely, since only in such a way, was it possible to combine it with education. Timetable was absolutely flexible. I had particular deadlines and had to meet them, doesn’t matter how much time a day I worked and when, during the day or at night. However, there were some factors which turned out to be disadvantages. For example, troubles with Internet. Sometimes, there were some breakdowns which were quite serious and it took a few days for specialists to fix it. And the worst was that it was solely MY problem. If such a situation happens at office, an employer should arrange everything, and any concerns for employees, working hours are ticking, and money is being paid. From this point of view, to work full time is more beneficial. On the other hand, I hate traffic jams, which now are always stealing my precious time.  

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Geometry Ahead!

     It is expected that geometrical patterns won’t lose their popularity up to 2014. Thus, it’s definitely worth buying. Circles, rhombs, squares, and various lines are trendy either in black-and-white tones, or in bright colours. 
Trendy geometrical patterns

     This season, it is allowed to mix many items with geometry patterns in one outfit. You may even wear geometry from head to toes. 

     If you are not ready to experiment, chose one geometrical garment and one self-coloured. The most showy such patterns are on trousers, shorts, jackets, and dresses. 
Geometrical patterns

     Moreover, modern ornaments can be seen on different accessories, and even shoes. 
Geometrical patterns

     The geometrical prints give one more opportunity to brighten up your outlook with the help of using contrastive colours. Rather appreciated nowadays is to repeat the same pattern on two different items. Looks extremely catchy! 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Extremelly Serious Task!

     Choosing swimwear is rather hard task. A great variety of colours, materials, and forms can drive anybody crazy. To my mind, the most important criterion should be its fitting to your figure. Thus, want to propose some main tips.
     For those who feel that they have some unwanted kilos, should pay attention to closed swimsuits, moreover, some of them have special control insets which will help your waist stay slim.You should avoid bright and light colours, the best are dark tones. In no way should it include sparkles.

Swimwear Black

     For those with broad hips it is recommended to choose a swimsuit with plain and simple lower part. On the contrary, the upper one should be bright. 


     Another interesting tip is to use the rule of beach wrap. You should put it not horizontally, but aslant. Vertical lines always make the figure slimmer. 


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Appropriate for New Mommies

     To become a mommy is probably the most desirable aim of every woman. Of course, it can be contradicted by the fact that in our modern and fast-moving world, women have become interested more in their work than in family development, but I guess that such statements belongs to those who’ve never experienced the happy moment of giving life.
     At such a great moment mommies are overwhelmed with attention paid to them by all their near and dear ones. Everyone tries to express their feeling concerning such an occasion, and sometimes, it turns out that not everyone is as silver-tongued as he or she would like to be. It would be OK if it leaded only to awkward situation, but what if a speaker can offend a new mommy? Therefore, it’s recommended to be rather careful with congratulations however harmless they might seem.
    When you see the baby for the first time, it’s better not to comment on the appearance rather directly. I have witnessed the situation when a newcomer has commented on the weight of the baby, which was rather impressive, not knowing about the conversation a few minutes before. The case is the parents of a baby have problems with weight and they were afraid and told about it that their child would have it too. The best is to give some general compliments, nothing specific. 

     Moreover, you shouldn’t make any statements about the gender of a baby. Such confusions may be quite awkward. In this case, it is more convenient to use child, kid, baby, instead of girl and boy. Another variant is to get to know in advance the gender of a child.
     To sum up, it’s left to emphasize that the first meeting with a newborn is quite serious one, thus, you should be armed at all points not to spoil such a charming moment.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Out of Junk Food

Junk food
     In our fast-moving world, we can’t avoid junk food, as it’s always quick served and quick eaten, as well. Thus, the only escape is to stick to the main rules of balanced diet. 
     First of all, your meals should be regular. You should have a right regime, not thinking that it is necessary not to eat until 6 p.m. The golden rule is not to eat 3 hours before you go to bed. Caloric value should be sufficient to cover all the energy losses. It is thought that the proper quantity is 1500-1800 kilo-calorie. The, the correlation of basic components of a diet: 1:1:4. 
     You shouldn’t deprive your organism of nutrient materials (minerals, vitamins, and microelements). And the main and the easiest point is that all the products should be fresh. By this I mean that the food consumed should be prepared before eating, not in advance. Very recommended is food prepared on the steam or boiled, the increase of such food in your diet will positively influence on the state of your organism. 
Steamed food

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Computers vs. Socializing


     The current trends of our modernized world show us that people are quite often become replaced by various kinds of machines. Numerous branches are affected, of course, the greatest influence is being observed in the industrial one, but social issues take the stage, as well. Social networks appear to be of the same importance as real life is. Consequently, we may suppose that computers and their ‘successors’ are being able to replace people as interlocutors. In its turn, it leads to shortage of communication and increase of estrangement among people. 

    More and more gadgets, such as iPads, are being used not only for the sake of their convenience during the studying or working, but also in order to stay in touch with friends. In this way, you don’t have to leave the office or college premises so that you can meet with your friends at a lunch break, you can just order some food to your work or study place, take a picture of what you are going to eat, share it with friends and discuss, again via Internet, the latest news. 

    Personally I am extremely frightened by this tendency, since the real contact, real friendship can be lost. I adore different traditions to meet during the day for lunch or on the weekends to profoundly rest in a good company. The lack of it will lead to the life becoming blue and empty, since I believe that online life is absolutely deprived of real feelings and emotions, the task of which is to brighten the day-to-day routine up!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stay Watered!

      As you all know, our organism consists of 80% of water. But this is the number for new-babies. With the course of time, in an average person this amount decreases to 50% due to harmful impact of firm environmental conditions. The process of dehydration influences negatively on the people’s organism. Therefore, certain means should be utilized to prevent it. 
     First of all, scientists have proved that common minimal physical activity can help keep water. The case is, muscles contain about 70-75% of water, while fat layer only 10-15%, thus the thicker it is, the more muscles you have – the water your organism keeps.

     Moreover, people are advised to stick to so-called war regime, according to which they should: consume water in one hour before or after meal, as it dissolves gastric juice; the water consume should be a little bit cooled, since in such a way it’s more easily absorbed; during active loss of weight it’s necessary to drink more water; if a person increases the amount of protein in his or her diet, he or should increase the amount of water, as well; caffeine, alcohol and nicotine decrease the level of water; for the sake of cleaning the organism, it is advisable to drink water after sleep.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Government vs. Schools

     Who should be responsible for the education process: the government or the educative establishment itself is rather controversial issue. The main point of why government should control this very field can be explained by the willingness to make education universal, equal for everyone. But this very fact can’t be observed in our day-to-day reality. Therefore, to my mind, the schools should take the first stage. 
     Local authorities, I mean, one on the schools’ premises, will for sure know better how to arrange some or other problems. By this I mean that they know all the headaches of a definite sphere of their establishment, what kind of children attend it and what approach should be applied to them. I believe that teaching and learning are rather individual processes which shouldn’t be so globally controlled. Of course, there should be some restrictions, as a general rule. Any civilized country has ones for the sake of order in the society.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Red Inspiration!

Foxes are such lovely creatures! Have you heard that some of them can be kept as a pet? I'd really love to have one.





Monday, 11 February 2013

Clean as you Dream

     Cleaning the house can turn into a real nightmare, which will be always put away for later. Until finally you just can’t stand the mess your house has transformed into and spend hours or even days to arrange everything. Therefore, it is advisable to make up some kind of plan of keeping your house clean.
     First of all, you should create some routine rules for yourself. For example, morning one with making your bed, discarding rubbish, etc, and evening one for washing up, cleaning the cooking place. 


     Then, you should determine some problem zones in the flat which are always cluttered. Usually, it’s some horizontal surfaces. If you spend a minute a day to place everything in proper places, you’ll have no troubles with it any more.
     The next step is to divide the flat into four spheres. One week in a month you dedicate to one zone and clean it 15 minutes per day, not more. For this sake, it’s recommended to use timer.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cleaning Lemon

     I have learned many years ago that products in my fridge can be not only consumed but also practically used for cosmetics and household needs. Moreover, they can help almost in every sphere of this very field.
     A vivid example is lemon which serves as great means for laundering. Being mixed with edible soda it can be used as a mild bleacher for delicate fabric. Lemon juice can help to remove inky stains. Just put some juice onto the dirty place and wait for 30 minutes than rinse it. 

     If you have a microwave full of greasy stains, then you should put there a plate with water and lemon juice and turn it on for 2 minutes. Mixture condensed will dissolve the grease, and you’ll only have to wipe it with a wash-cloth. If you want to fill in a small room pleasant smells, stick to the lemon skin seeds of clothes and hide it somewhere. Fragrance will stay there for a long time.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jewelry for spring

      It’s not a secret that jewelry makes any outlook be more personal and outstanding. Thus, it’s advisable to pay special attention to it. The upcoming warm season is supposed by designers to be cooled with cold metal and calm shades. 
     The interesting newbie is futuristic forms which is vividly performed by combining different materials. By the way, various fabrics are also welcome. 
     Marine patterns will be especially popular, bracelets with white-and-blue stripes and anchors have been seen in many collections. 
     There is a tendency to massive ornaments which look gorgeous with pale clothes. Artificial pearls are also frequently used, even on the materials themselves. In form of buttons or just sewed on the fabrics. Skulls are still in trend, as well. Combined with sparkling stones, they look very glamorous.  

Healing Grapefruit

     I've already written how useful simple food can be for our health (Healful Fruits), and it turns that they can be used as well for the beaty improvement, in particular, grapefruit.

     Grapefruit is frequently used in the field of cosmetics, in particular, its juice, flesh, and skin. The juice is considered to be the softest way to blanch the skin. Iะต’s also useful for fastening and nutrition of the neck. The juice is also recommended to get rid of acne. It’s also healthful for oily skin. It’s a great anti-wrinkle preparation: there’s very efficient head locker which includes grapefruit juice, carrot juice and sour-cream. It should be left on the face for 30 minutes and then removed with the help of warm water. If you have dry skin, then you should use another mask: grapefruit juice should be mixed with honey and one egg yolk. This one should be applied to for 15 minutes.
      How great this fruit is! So multi-sided, indeed.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lucrative Dessert

     To the most economic desserts, to my mind, belongs charlotte, it’s extremely time-efficient, as well. All you need is to take 3-4 average apples, 4 eggs, a glass of sugar, 3 table spoons of sour-cream, a little bit of yeast-powder and a glass of flout. Everything should be thoroughly mixed up and baked for 20 minutes.             
     That’s it! I like this dish especially when I have a drop-in. Overall, it takes max. 30 minutes to dish this meal.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentine's Hint

Valentine's Day
      Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic events in the whole year. It’s a perfect occasion for women to smartly dress up and feel themselves beloved. I guess that the most traditional way to celebrate it is a festive dinner with candles and flowers. On one hand, it can seem a little bit boring, on the other, if you add some traits, it can appear to be some kind of adventure.
I have a vivid example of how to brighten up a simple festive Eve. I love the idea of non-direct invitation for a dinner in form of prompts and pointings via different spy games. It brings some spirit of mystique.
Another way can be some thematic party for two of you. Some elements of fancy parties always cheer up. All in all, I believe that everything should be arranged with fantasy and inspiration. Only in such a way is it possible to create something personal. 
Valentine's Day