Monday, 25 March 2013

"Buzzy Hair"

Buzzed hair
     Not only clothes is the way to stand out, hair is another treatment of it. I mean that such a hair-do will unavoidably catch attention of everybody around you. Thus, you should be ready for frequent glances on your head.
     If the corporate culture of your company doesn't include any dress-code, you can make some kind of experiment and chose this hair-style. It seems to me though that not every person can wear it. By this I mean that buzzed hair requires a definite style which won't contrast with such hair. It should be some kind of thought-over casual elegance with a slight boyish touch. It can be sometimes a little bit rude, sometimes more strict, but you should understand, that romantic shades won't be appropriate for such hair.
                                       Buzzed hair
On the other hand, such hair-does are quite easy to hide, if you don't want to stick constantly to the styles listed above. If you have only one side shaved, and want to be festive for some occasion, and your hair does not pass to the outlook preferred, you can brush your hair to this very side, and no one knows what it used to look like a few hours before.
     All in all, experiments are good, and changes are always for the better. =)

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