Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hangover Remedy

Green tea

     Taking medicine is not always the best way to prevent and reduce the impact of hangover. There are loads of natural remedies which can deal with the above-mentioned problem.
     The simplest way is to drink a few glasses of simple water after a good party, even if you don’t want to. The next morning will be much easier for you.
     Recently, I’ve heard about rather interesting method for coping with hangover, according to which you should chew the willow bark which can be freely bought in a drugstore. The basic principle, when overcoming hangover, is to remove toxins from the organism. Green and chamomile tea are great helpers for such a purpose. To this list also belongs milk with honey.
                                                 orange juice  
             To restart action of the bowels, you can drink sweet tea with lemon, soft coffee, or chicken stock. Cultured milk foods can be used as well.
     Furthermore, I’ve found an interesting recipe of a cocktail which is promised to devoid of unwellness. You should take 200 ml of orange juice, 1 lemon with skin and honey, all thoroughly mix for about 5 min and enjoy yourself!

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