Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nippy Сhoice

     Stylish and beautiful lingerie is the very part of wardrobe which makes every woman feel more feminine and boosts her self-confidence. The new collections of world-popular designers stand out with their simplicity and elegance.
     In the upcoming season popularity will be gained by retro style. It can be tracked by the wide usage of corsets and artificial stones, as well as, lace, which is not left aside by designers. 
     Bright and contrastive colors also take stage. Popular combination is black and cranberry. Designers are also trying to bring back a suspender belt, which always beneficially emphasize women’s figure. 
     The main peculiarity of this item in a new season is a high waist. Leopard prints are not waited to gain extreme popularity, but still they stay in.
     The most trendy forms of this season will be balconette and bando. The main preference in color will be given to pastel tones. Bright colrrs are characteristic of sports lingerie.

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