Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Three at a time! =)

    A friend of mine was dreaming of becoming a mommy for several years. The case is that constant day-today troubles didn't allow her husband and her to have babies. He and she were extremely busy people who hardly had time for each other not speaking about kids. Constant business trips, out-of-schedule meetings, arrangements, etc. All for the sake of career ladder and promotion. They understood that later they wouldn't have so much courage, eager and devotion for work, thus, they wanted to drain ourselves dry so that in the future they could be secure about all the financial issues.
       However, it couldn't last for such a long time. It was her to raise this problem and she told that she was ready to dedicate almost the whole her life to the family and children. Her husband had nothing against this.
     In half a year, she was congratulated by the doc on being pregnant. She didn't want to know the gender of her child, therefore, she didn't want to make any sonogram. But later she was told that on the middle stages of pregnancy, it was an important examination, since according to it doctors may comment on the state of health of a kid. When she was lying on a coach, the doctor said that she should stay calm and told her that she was going to have triples. After hearing "Stay calm", she was terrified by the thought that it could be something wrong with a child, but understanding what the 'tipple' meant she clutched in disbelief. She didn't know what to do: be happy or frightened.

     She didn't know how to tell all this to her husband. She though that he would fall unconscious. Fortunately, all turned out to be better than she supposed. When she came home, she was awaited by him and a festive dinner. It was a real surprise, since her husband hated cooking. She inquired what the reason was. And he solemnly announced that he got a promotion, rather substantial one. Then she asked about his salary and was pleased to hear that it was greatly increased, as well. She joked that she knew how to spend all the money he would get. At first, he assumed that she was going to demolish some boutiques. And when she told him the real 'aim of spending', he began springing like a small child, crying: "I'm going to have three at once!"
     Luckily, she has a mom who has plenty of free time, so that she could help her with my little babies. All in all, all changes for the better.

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