Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Honey Needed!

     Hardly anyone can argue that the healthiest products are given to us by nature. A good example of such is honey. Even ancient Greeks knew the healing properties of this substance. And nowadays, honey is frequently used in cosmetics for treating face, body and hair.
     First of all, honey is so healthful for the face due to the fact that it contains all the microelements which substantially influence on the condition of the skin. It is good at cleaning the skin, as it like sponge absorbs all the undesirable elements. 
     Moreover, honey possesses lifting properties, which keep the skin up. It’s worth mentioning that honey is appropriate for all types of skin, since it provide nutriment and moisten dry skin, meanwhile it can provide oily skin with matte appearance and elasticity. Wind-burned lips can be cured with this remedy, as well.
     However, applying honey as cosmetics, it’s necessary to be careful, as it can cause allergic reaction.

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  1. I love honey. But last summer, I got stung by a bee in the stomach. The whole area ended up looking like a golf ball. I don't know how bee keepers do it.