Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why not to stay at home?

      It is a common fact that work takes approximately half of our life. We dedicate much time, health and attention to it. In return, we receive boost of confidence, self-development and some kind of praise. Thus, it's not a surprise that people tend to be extremely satisfied when they manage to achieve success in this field.       
Freelance mommies

     And here comes a gender issue. By this I mean that it's much easier for men to become 'high-fliers', since they don't have to cross out merely three years in order to bring up kids.
     I could be a vivid example of such a situation, but, lucky I am, I managed to cope the problem in a great way. When I brought to life my first boy, I was sure that I had to forget about career prospects. But then I came across a great article in the Internet which highlighted the theme of switching to freelance. It appeared to be a great opportunity not to stuck in the home routine and continue developing in my career. I decided to become a freelance writer. Studying at college, I attended journalism courses and finished them with flying colors. This fact encouraged me and I tried. 

wirk at home 
     The results were extremely fruitful. Not only wasn't I totally concentrated on the household and my child, but also was receiving income, quite sufficient one as for a newbie. When my boy grew up, I was so spoiled with my home-based job, devoid of office routine and continuous traffic jams, that I took a decision to continue working at home.

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