Monday, 11 March 2013

Surprise or not?

Wedding ring
     Anybody can't but agree that choosing a wedding ring is extremely important task. It is an item which will be with you during all your life. Therefore, it should be treated rather seriously. It is though rather personal process, since somebody can find a ring of a dream in a few minutes and somebody will consider various options for months.
     The same is about an issue if it is possible to entrust your fiance to choose the ring by himself. I mean that there are couples where he and she have similar tastes and views, when they like the same things and all the time can find a compromise. But there is such a proverb that opposites attract. And for couples which fall within such a rule it is better to avoid surprises.
     I can't even imagine how disappointing it is to get a ring you don't like. And despite the fact that my boyfriend and I have always the same opinions, if I were getting married, I would like to choose the rings together. The less the risk is, the better. Surprises are not so much appropriate when it comes to such serious stuff. Moreover, i don't see anything bad in choosing the ring together, since most girls have been dreaming about it since their childhood. Thus, this very part is responsible mission.

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