Friday, 22 March 2013

Hinders of Spring

     Anaphylaxis is an immediate reaction of an organism to the allergic agent. The main trait of it is that such a reaction is not a local one, but can be observed in the whole organism. The most dangerous point that it spreads extremely quick, thus, you should know exactly how to deal with such a disease. To protect itself, organism begins producing great amounts of protective cells (histamines), therefore, there are many symptoms. It can influence on different organs, throat, stomach, blood vessels, etc.
     The first thing to do during the anaphylaxis attack is to ring for ambulance, since the only aid here is an injection of special medical drugs. However, there are ways of personal protection. The most obvious one is to avoid products you are allergic to.
                                         allergic reaction
In case the anaphylaxis attack takes place, you should remove the source of an allergic agent. Then, if it is a reaction for the insect bite, it is advisable to apply a tourniquet, so that the poison won't be present in blood circulation. Try to put a victim in a horizontal position lying on the side. In this way there won't be any problems with breathing. Then, neck, chest and stomach are free for the easy oxygen input.

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