Friday, 29 March 2013

Lasting Easter.

     Our family has a tradition to Easter eggs together. Preparations begin far in advance before the fest, since children are really crazy about it. We buy dyes, sticks, some nice details, such as little flowers, beeds, etc. I don't want boasting, but I have to admit that with the course of time we've greatly developed our talents in it to such an extent, that our eggs can be used for decoration.
Easter eggs

     Really, I do like some personal interior designs with something which cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, I always decorate our house with unique things which are hand-made. Several years ago, one interesting thought crossed my mind: why not to try to use our Easter masterpieces to brighten up the house. Moreover, they have another substantial benefit: they can be changed with new ones each year.
To put it short, I bought several big glass vases without any ornaments, so that it can be transparent enough to show everybody our great creations.
                                           Easter eggs
     It wasn't though the end of my inventions. Another year, I decided to make a little tree of the eggs. I've bought a big brown stick in the decoration shop and attached little wires to it on which eggs were fastened. It was our Easter tree.
     I haven't got any plans for the upcoming Easter yet, but I hope that with the atmosphere which will be reign soon I'll manage to make something up.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

What did he mean?

     It is well-know that women are more confident in flirting, thus the range of their gestures is wider than one of men. It is important to have some insight into what some particular gestures mean, so that you can understand what a person thinks or is going to do.
      Biting lips can mean that a person doesn't want to give away something, or is just a little bit nervous.
Overlong emotions point at the fact that a person is acting, singe you can stay surprised or shocked for a long time, but the expression of surprise on your face can last for merely a second.
     Сrossed arms are usually a symbol meaning that a person wants to stay calm and is closed now, therefore, it's better not to try to activate him.
       The interesting point is that men often begin smarten up being in front of their 'target' (removing non-existing dust on sleeves, adjusting a tie, etc.).
     The most aggressive gesture is when a man puts his arms onto his belt. Another way is when he turns the whole body to a woman, pointing with a toe-cap onto her. This is usually followed bu a longtime glance.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Three at a time! =)

    A friend of mine was dreaming of becoming a mommy for several years. The case is that constant day-today troubles didn't allow her husband and her to have babies. He and she were extremely busy people who hardly had time for each other not speaking about kids. Constant business trips, out-of-schedule meetings, arrangements, etc. All for the sake of career ladder and promotion. They understood that later they wouldn't have so much courage, eager and devotion for work, thus, they wanted to drain ourselves dry so that in the future they could be secure about all the financial issues.
       However, it couldn't last for such a long time. It was her to raise this problem and she told that she was ready to dedicate almost the whole her life to the family and children. Her husband had nothing against this.
     In half a year, she was congratulated by the doc on being pregnant. She didn't want to know the gender of her child, therefore, she didn't want to make any sonogram. But later she was told that on the middle stages of pregnancy, it was an important examination, since according to it doctors may comment on the state of health of a kid. When she was lying on a coach, the doctor said that she should stay calm and told her that she was going to have triples. After hearing "Stay calm", she was terrified by the thought that it could be something wrong with a child, but understanding what the 'tipple' meant she clutched in disbelief. She didn't know what to do: be happy or frightened.

     She didn't know how to tell all this to her husband. She though that he would fall unconscious. Fortunately, all turned out to be better than she supposed. When she came home, she was awaited by him and a festive dinner. It was a real surprise, since her husband hated cooking. She inquired what the reason was. And he solemnly announced that he got a promotion, rather substantial one. Then she asked about his salary and was pleased to hear that it was greatly increased, as well. She joked that she knew how to spend all the money he would get. At first, he assumed that she was going to demolish some boutiques. And when she told him the real 'aim of spending', he began springing like a small child, crying: "I'm going to have three at once!"
     Luckily, she has a mom who has plenty of free time, so that she could help her with my little babies. All in all, all changes for the better.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


trip to Europe
     A trip to Europe is a great way to celebrate the end of a huge stage in a child's life and make the step to the adult life more special. Therefore, I believe that it is rather important let you children go by themselves, of course, if financial issues allow.
                                      Trip to Europe
     Being on such a long distance and for such a long period of time provides kids with a great opportunity to gather such an important experience and teaches how to solve some routine, and sometimes, some extraordinary problems on their own.
     Another point during the preparation is that you should make some kind of educational speech in which you should explain all shoulds and shouldn'ts of behavior when being abroad, since it is necessary that your kid realizes that he or she should respect other nation's culture and traditions.
     You should also understand that overwhelming control during the trip will make your son or daughter be against you. Thus it's better to arrange some "contact schedule" when you will tex each other.
Trip to Europe
  On the other hand, you always want to be sure that nothing will go wrong with your offspring. Thus, it is strongly recommended to arrange the whole trip in advance. You should make sure that your kid won't sleep somewhere on the bench in a park, striving for some food. To prevent such situations, I would advise to give your child several credit cards, as well as some cash. Moreover, you should tell him to put it in different bags, so that he/she won't be left without money.

Monday, 25 March 2013

"Buzzy Hair"

Buzzed hair
     Not only clothes is the way to stand out, hair is another treatment of it. I mean that such a hair-do will unavoidably catch attention of everybody around you. Thus, you should be ready for frequent glances on your head.
     If the corporate culture of your company doesn't include any dress-code, you can make some kind of experiment and chose this hair-style. It seems to me though that not every person can wear it. By this I mean that buzzed hair requires a definite style which won't contrast with such hair. It should be some kind of thought-over casual elegance with a slight boyish touch. It can be sometimes a little bit rude, sometimes more strict, but you should understand, that romantic shades won't be appropriate for such hair.
                                       Buzzed hair
On the other hand, such hair-does are quite easy to hide, if you don't want to stick constantly to the styles listed above. If you have only one side shaved, and want to be festive for some occasion, and your hair does not pass to the outlook preferred, you can brush your hair to this very side, and no one knows what it used to look like a few hours before.
     All in all, experiments are good, and changes are always for the better. =)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Hinders of Spring

     Anaphylaxis is an immediate reaction of an organism to the allergic agent. The main trait of it is that such a reaction is not a local one, but can be observed in the whole organism. The most dangerous point that it spreads extremely quick, thus, you should know exactly how to deal with such a disease. To protect itself, organism begins producing great amounts of protective cells (histamines), therefore, there are many symptoms. It can influence on different organs, throat, stomach, blood vessels, etc.
     The first thing to do during the anaphylaxis attack is to ring for ambulance, since the only aid here is an injection of special medical drugs. However, there are ways of personal protection. The most obvious one is to avoid products you are allergic to.
                                         allergic reaction
In case the anaphylaxis attack takes place, you should remove the source of an allergic agent. Then, if it is a reaction for the insect bite, it is advisable to apply a tourniquet, so that the poison won't be present in blood circulation. Try to put a victim in a horizontal position lying on the side. In this way there won't be any problems with breathing. Then, neck, chest and stomach are free for the easy oxygen input.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why not to stay at home?

      It is a common fact that work takes approximately half of our life. We dedicate much time, health and attention to it. In return, we receive boost of confidence, self-development and some kind of praise. Thus, it's not a surprise that people tend to be extremely satisfied when they manage to achieve success in this field.       
Freelance mommies

     And here comes a gender issue. By this I mean that it's much easier for men to become 'high-fliers', since they don't have to cross out merely three years in order to bring up kids.
     I could be a vivid example of such a situation, but, lucky I am, I managed to cope the problem in a great way. When I brought to life my first boy, I was sure that I had to forget about career prospects. But then I came across a great article in the Internet which highlighted the theme of switching to freelance. It appeared to be a great opportunity not to stuck in the home routine and continue developing in my career. I decided to become a freelance writer. Studying at college, I attended journalism courses and finished them with flying colors. This fact encouraged me and I tried. 

wirk at home 
     The results were extremely fruitful. Not only wasn't I totally concentrated on the household and my child, but also was receiving income, quite sufficient one as for a newbie. When my boy grew up, I was so spoiled with my home-based job, devoid of office routine and continuous traffic jams, that I took a decision to continue working at home.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to stay in love


     It is commonly known that love is a result of chemical process and can be scientifically explained. A person experiences extraordinary emotions and feelings due to the extensive level of endorphins present in blood. Such chemical reactions are not durable, and that's why, we should know how to leave further without 'butterflies in stomach'.
      First of all, a pair should have some common interests and hobbies. I mean that they always need something to discuss, so that time spent together will become much more exciting for both 'parties'.
Secondly, the main ground for healthy relations should be mutual respect. When partners respect point of view of each other, they won't have quarrels at all.
                                                      Hobby together
       Moreover, they should always stay in touch. Some kind of pauses or so-called brakes can substantially damage the relationship saved.
      Then, a couple shouldn't be stuck up in routine, since it always breaks down all the cheerful mood whenever you get it. There shouldn't be strictly defined rules of how to lead the household.
      On the other hand, everybody needs to have some own time. I guess that here friends should take the stage. Some evenings can be spent separately in different circles.
      A great helper for good relations is common tastes. It's really nice if you can discuss some favorite books and watch film which both of you like.
      All in all, it's up to people how to preserve their relations. My husband and I have very similar tastes and opinions, but different characters, it adds some kind of spicy difference, since nothing can be absolutely perfect.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Online Etiquette

     Are you surprised at the fact that Internet and social networks have totally conquered the modern world? There is hardly any field which can function without Web facilities. Consequently, Internet-communication technologies have already spread on the family relations. And in light of this, the problem of children and parents, so-called, generation gap has become even more topical.
Networking kids
     Parents have received a total control of their kids, they can assess profails of their offsprings' friends, the company they are in and interests and activities they prefer. Of course, natural reaction is to comment on such all the points. Some people choose to do this directly via Internet forgetting that it is a social sphere where every step is equal to the one you make in a real life. By this I mean that it is possible to gain reputation in these social networks, as well as, to lose it. And some unwise parents' reaction may lead to the last result. Therefore, parents, if they want to stay in touch with children in the Internet, should be always careful with their remarks.
     Personally I try not to forget this very point and express my opinion cincerning some children stuff in person. Generally, I believe that it is better to avoid any open communication in the networks, since it can embarrass your kid.
     And, all in all, it's better to remember that all we were young, and in such age the social opinion and common views are of extreme importance.

Monday, 18 March 2013


Marriage no
     To bring up children without getting married is not a big deal, especially, when taking into consideration the fact that your man is still with you. I can state this for sure, since I am witnessing this very situation right now (one of my friend). The reason for such a state of things is financial ones. The case is both her common-law husband and she have developed business, and if a divorce took place, it would be rather problematic to solve everything out. It can seem to be quite pragmatic, but such conditions are more convenient for them, and they don't care how it looks like for the third party.
     The main issue she worried about was our kids. The case is that at school, they fill in blanks about family, and there it is mentioned if parents are married or not. Therefore, she decided to explain kids the situation in their family telling the whole truth. And you know, they understood.
     Another advantage is that they try to make such situation bring romantic shades in their life.
     All in all, such family satisfies them perfectly well, and in the near future they're not going to change anything.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Is Juice for Good?

Freshly-squeezed juice
     Some people are convinced that freshly-squeezed juice is the healthiest thing ever. It turns out though that it's not so good as it can seem at first glance. First of all, along with loads of vitamins, we receive a huge dose of carbohydrates in form of great amount of sugar taken in one time. But the case is juice is devoid of such a beneficial fruit trait as cellular tissue which has no caloric value, and thus is much more caloric.
     Moreover, it's too dangerous to take risks with vitamins, since increased intake of one can have a bad impact on the uptake of others. In addition, many medical specialists claim that every-day usage of fresh juice can lead to diabetes mellitus, as fructose in a liquid state increases the level of sugar in blood, it in its turn activates the producing of insulin in the organism. Thus, constant consumption of insulin makes people dependent on insulin.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Touching story

     Want to share a story of a friend of mine. It begins on the street late at night. Having worked one more day with long hours, Sally was absolutely miserable, and only thing I wanted to do was to plunge into a soft bed and lose herself in the dreamy world. Never would she have thought that all that would become something so similar to touching movies.
      She's heard sorrowful yelping in a dark corner. Her curiosity didn't give her a chance to pass by, so she decided to check everything. There appeared to be sitting a little puppy. He was so cute that she couldn't stand a thought that he will be left alone. She took him home.
      But what interesting about this cute dog is that he was the one to get her out of depression and tough day-to-day routine. At first, it was like a hobby for her. She got to know many new people in her neighborhood who had dogs, as well.
      Moreover, thanx to Ronny, this is her dog's name, she met her boyfriend. The case is that Ronny is extremely friendly and doesn't allow anyone not to pay attention to him. So, Nick, her boyfriend, stopped to play for a while with him and in a few minutes started a nice chat with Sally. One thing led to another, and the next evening wasn't free any more. Now, they are living together and going to get married. And Ronny brightens up their monotony and cheers up during moody days.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Green Fest!

     Traditionally, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with an old good pint of beer, colored in green with some natural food dye. However, there are loads of other variants which can make you cheer up this day. 


      In a cocktail shaker put green liqueur Chartreux, mint liqueur, Irish whiskey and a little bit of Becherovka. The bright intensive greenery won't let you forget what the fest you are celebrating.

      To prepare next cocktail, you need melon liqueur, gin, tonic, 4 laces of lime, a bunch of mint and loads of ive.
     Another way to widen the drink menu at your party is to make Fresh Clover which consists of vodka, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, cucumber and lemon juice, sugar syrup, lemonade, lemon and cucumber and don't forget about mint!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Age and Career

Age and career
      Aging may be regarded as an obstacle from the point of view of looking for a new job. On the other hand, experience which comes with years ha helped me substantially on my path on the career ladder. What I mean is that being old is not always for the bad.
     First of all, looking at my portfolio, people tend to be extremely surprised. The profound layout of all the positions held have a great impact on the attitude of people who are on the higher rank. They are not ashamed of asking for advice and discussing some important points.
     Moreover, experience provides me with access to the so-called helpers-list, that is people who I can delegate some my tasks. That makes my work much more interesting, allowing me to reject some boring obligations.
     To tell you the truth, my age makes all the younger employees respect me and it can't but please me.Understanding of the fact that you are the first to be asked for help in some problematic issues.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Surprise or not?

Wedding ring
     Anybody can't but agree that choosing a wedding ring is extremely important task. It is an item which will be with you during all your life. Therefore, it should be treated rather seriously. It is though rather personal process, since somebody can find a ring of a dream in a few minutes and somebody will consider various options for months.
     The same is about an issue if it is possible to entrust your fiance to choose the ring by himself. I mean that there are couples where he and she have similar tastes and views, when they like the same things and all the time can find a compromise. But there is such a proverb that opposites attract. And for couples which fall within such a rule it is better to avoid surprises.
     I can't even imagine how disappointing it is to get a ring you don't like. And despite the fact that my boyfriend and I have always the same opinions, if I were getting married, I would like to choose the rings together. The less the risk is, the better. Surprises are not so much appropriate when it comes to such serious stuff. Moreover, i don't see anything bad in choosing the ring together, since most girls have been dreaming about it since their childhood. Thus, this very part is responsible mission.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nippy Сhoice

     Stylish and beautiful lingerie is the very part of wardrobe which makes every woman feel more feminine and boosts her self-confidence. The new collections of world-popular designers stand out with their simplicity and elegance.
     In the upcoming season popularity will be gained by retro style. It can be tracked by the wide usage of corsets and artificial stones, as well as, lace, which is not left aside by designers. 
     Bright and contrastive colors also take stage. Popular combination is black and cranberry. Designers are also trying to bring back a suspender belt, which always beneficially emphasize women’s figure. 
     The main peculiarity of this item in a new season is a high waist. Leopard prints are not waited to gain extreme popularity, but still they stay in.
     The most trendy forms of this season will be balconette and bando. The main preference in color will be given to pastel tones. Bright colrrs are characteristic of sports lingerie.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hangover Remedy

Green tea

     Taking medicine is not always the best way to prevent and reduce the impact of hangover. There are loads of natural remedies which can deal with the above-mentioned problem.
     The simplest way is to drink a few glasses of simple water after a good party, even if you don’t want to. The next morning will be much easier for you.
     Recently, I’ve heard about rather interesting method for coping with hangover, according to which you should chew the willow bark which can be freely bought in a drugstore. The basic principle, when overcoming hangover, is to remove toxins from the organism. Green and chamomile tea are great helpers for such a purpose. To this list also belongs milk with honey.
                                                 orange juice  
             To restart action of the bowels, you can drink sweet tea with lemon, soft coffee, or chicken stock. Cultured milk foods can be used as well.
     Furthermore, I’ve found an interesting recipe of a cocktail which is promised to devoid of unwellness. You should take 200 ml of orange juice, 1 lemon with skin and honey, all thoroughly mix for about 5 min and enjoy yourself!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Face hints.

     It’s not a secret that to communicate with a person is much simpler knowing what traits of character he or she possesses. More interesting is that sometimes, it is possible to get to know them even knowing a person for a few minutes. One of the means which can help to d this is face features.
     Let’s consider lips. If a person has full, big lips with rounded upper corner, he or she is ambitious, serious and intelligent. They are rather firm and bound to achieve success. Prolonged lips of middle fullness belong to smart people who are ready to open up everything new and are able to cope with hardest tasks. People with thin lips are believed to be lovers of rumors and slender.
     Nose is also some kind of pointer on a character. Honest and fair people have big and straight nose. Snub nose gives away a balanced person. Peaky noses stand for wisdom and tolerance, remarkable working capacity and diligence. 

    Eyes, it is well-known, are mirror of our soul. Owners of big round eyes have always pleasant and open character. Dark eyes of middle size tell us about intelligence of their owner who are usually rather kind, as well.

Honey Needed!

     Hardly anyone can argue that the healthiest products are given to us by nature. A good example of such is honey. Even ancient Greeks knew the healing properties of this substance. And nowadays, honey is frequently used in cosmetics for treating face, body and hair.
     First of all, honey is so healthful for the face due to the fact that it contains all the microelements which substantially influence on the condition of the skin. It is good at cleaning the skin, as it like sponge absorbs all the undesirable elements. 
     Moreover, honey possesses lifting properties, which keep the skin up. It’s worth mentioning that honey is appropriate for all types of skin, since it provide nutriment and moisten dry skin, meanwhile it can provide oily skin with matte appearance and elasticity. Wind-burned lips can be cured with this remedy, as well.
     However, applying honey as cosmetics, it’s necessary to be careful, as it can cause allergic reaction.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Not Fair!

Recently a research concerned with the question of pain tolerance was conducted by plenty of medical experts. They stated that women are more sensitive than men. And I absolutely disagree with it!
Pain tolerance

It seems to me that women should have greater pain tolerance, and it can be explained by several arguments. First of all, it is a women’s function to deliver babies into the world. And it has been proven that the pain level is extremely high. Therefore, to resist it and not to fall unconscious during such a painful process, women should be more resistant. Another factor which supports my idea is that women are more delicate than men, thus, they are more frequently yielded to harmful influences. To overcome all these, women have to easily bear pain, otherwise, they won’t be able to stay alive.