Thursday, 28 March 2013

What did he mean?

     It is well-know that women are more confident in flirting, thus the range of their gestures is wider than one of men. It is important to have some insight into what some particular gestures mean, so that you can understand what a person thinks or is going to do.
      Biting lips can mean that a person doesn't want to give away something, or is just a little bit nervous.
Overlong emotions point at the fact that a person is acting, singe you can stay surprised or shocked for a long time, but the expression of surprise on your face can last for merely a second.
     Сrossed arms are usually a symbol meaning that a person wants to stay calm and is closed now, therefore, it's better not to try to activate him.
       The interesting point is that men often begin smarten up being in front of their 'target' (removing non-existing dust on sleeves, adjusting a tie, etc.).
     The most aggressive gesture is when a man puts his arms onto his belt. Another way is when he turns the whole body to a woman, pointing with a toe-cap onto her. This is usually followed bu a longtime glance.


  1. Women by nature are natural flirts. Being female is to be a flirt. Femininity has its own rewards.

  2. You are absolutely right. Why should somebody hide the own nature?