Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Face hints.

     It’s not a secret that to communicate with a person is much simpler knowing what traits of character he or she possesses. More interesting is that sometimes, it is possible to get to know them even knowing a person for a few minutes. One of the means which can help to d this is face features.
     Let’s consider lips. If a person has full, big lips with rounded upper corner, he or she is ambitious, serious and intelligent. They are rather firm and bound to achieve success. Prolonged lips of middle fullness belong to smart people who are ready to open up everything new and are able to cope with hardest tasks. People with thin lips are believed to be lovers of rumors and slender.
     Nose is also some kind of pointer on a character. Honest and fair people have big and straight nose. Snub nose gives away a balanced person. Peaky noses stand for wisdom and tolerance, remarkable working capacity and diligence. 

    Eyes, it is well-known, are mirror of our soul. Owners of big round eyes have always pleasant and open character. Dark eyes of middle size tell us about intelligence of their owner who are usually rather kind, as well.

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