Thursday, 31 January 2013

One Month Left

     I'm longing for spring so much! One month of anticipation and warm will wrap us with thrilling feelings and emotions!
Spring's coming

Spring's coming

Spring's coming

Spring's coming

Spring's coming


Sticking to Personal Style

    I believe that there’s only one personal image which varies according to different events and conditions. I mean that if a person has found some individual hints in order to stand out from the crowds, they shouldn't change substantially., they shouldn't change substantially. Moreover, there are so many ways to make the outlook more personal. I believe that the most fruitful way to gain this goal lies in ornaments and ability to combine various clothes items.
    These ones are also useful if you have some festive occasion right away after your work. If so, some gorgeous necklace and ear-rings with shoes on high heels can radically change the whole outfit.
    It seems to me though that some personal traits in clothes shouldn’t fall out of the general mainstream of fashion, in particular, when you’re at office. Extravagancy is good only when it’s moderate.
    I like personal views on clothing when it comes to specific dress-codes. It’s a great ability to save the persona sticking to company’s corporate rules. It seems to me that here the main helpers are hair-does, glasses and small details such as brooch and conservative ornaments. 

Personal Style

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

St Patrick's Bouquet

     St. Patriks Day is not far off, thus, I guess it's quite useful to get to know what flowers are traditionally thought to be appropriate for this occasion.
     So, St. Patrik's Day is a great occasion to present a nice bunch of flowers. Traditionally it is believed that green carnation is extremelly appropriate for this fest. The flower itself is extraordinary, thus, the best way to arrange them is just to choose a ribbon with a right colour.  

                                                  Green carnation

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Value of red wine

Red wine
     I was really surprised when my doctor advised me to drink a glass of wine a day after I was prescribed X-ray examination, since it helps output the radiation from the whole organism. The next healing property comes when the wine is warmed up. Such beverage as gluehwein is used when people catch a cold. The scientists have proved that if you drink wine while eating, you reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol. Moreover, wine prevents blood clotting, it decreases as well the kidney stone formation by 50 per cent. Antioxygens don’t allow blood calculus to block the blood circulation. It was extremely interesting to find out that in Greek wine means ‘to have breakfast’. And we all know that this nation is a good judge of this healing fluid.  

Monday, 28 January 2013

Parents-Teacher Communication

     I believe that parents-teachers contact should take place during the educational process. I don’t claim, of course, that it’s an essential part of it. On the other hand, it can be rather beneficial for the both parties, plus, of course, for children. 
     The base for this very contact should be PTA meetings. Unfortunately, they are often ignored by many parents due to their overloaded schedules. They can though receive all the necessary information via e-mails, but so-called eye-to-eye contact is also quite important, especially when it comes to children conflicts. I believe that first of all they should be solved inside the family of each child. School premises are perfect place for such discussions. 
     When still there are no opportunities to appear at your child’s school, to stay in touch with a teacher can help modern means of communication. Personally I like to know how look like the conditions where study my kids and to know the opinion of the teacher about their performance. I always ask if I should help my children with their studying, and if so, in what way. 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Name Decision

what name to choose

     To choose a name for a child is probably the next hardest tasks for a mommy after bringing it into the world. There are so many possible variants which sound gorgeously and are so different that there’s almost no chance to make a decision. But what should you do if your relatives do not appreciate your choice? To my mind, the only person you should listen to in such a situation is your husband. I think that there should be equal right for the both parents to decide on the baby’s name. 
     I have plenty vivid examples which show that sonority of a name is about the custom. By this I mean that with the course of time when your relatives begin to adore your small kid, they’ll fall in love with its name whatever it is. Since our appreciation of a certain name is also based upon association. For example, when my aunt decided to call her child Alice, I hated this decision. But in a few months, it turns out that the name is not so bad as it seemed to me earlier. Therefore, I believe that it is wholly up to parents to decide how to call their baby. 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Media and Kids

TV and children
     I  can name myself a democratic parent. I’m concerned that, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to insulate our children from bad influence of the modern media. It seems to me that depravity, cruelty and cynism have almost enslaved our society. Thus, if a kid is willing to watch at his/her favourite singer, it’s no point forbidding him/her to do this. Much more important is to teach him/her to filter all the information received. There should be precise notions of what is good and what is bad. In this way, even if a child sees some indecency on the stage or somewhere else, he/she will know that such thing are not worth paying attention to them. In addition, I can advise as well to join your children watching the TV show and try to discuss various aspects of the performance, ask them their opinion and check if they take what’s happening on the screen seriously. If not, you have nothing to worry about. That’s my point.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

High time to green up!

     To green up the flat is not only great means for decoration but also for making the indoor air be constantly clean and fresh. It’s a well-known fact that plants, in our case, house ones are active producers of the oxygen. That’s why, it’s a perfect variant for those who do not have access to the outdoor premises.
     If you don’t want to pay much attention to the planting, then the best item for you is spiderwort. The plant is totally unpretentious. It can grow under bright light, as well as, in the shadow. As any flower, it needs a lot of water in the warm season and less of it in winter. The best point is that it grows rather actively and in a short period of time the whole room can be filled with greenery. 

     Money tree is the next plant which is preferable for lazy bones. In addition to its unpretentiousness, it serves as a symbol of prosperity, it’s even included to the Feng Shui talisman. 
Money tree

     To sum up, to make the flat fresh and green doesn’t need much time and energy! Just try and you’ll like it!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A little bit of Art!

     Yesterday, I came across a great artist Rene Magritte. His works are marvelous and I can't but share all these with all you! Here're some of them:
Elective Affinities
Elective Affinities

Not to be reproduced
Not to be reproduced

The Human
the human

The Listeneing Room

The Portrait
the portrait

The Son of Man
the son of man

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

HH is for Heart Help!

     I've lready written about how to cook efficiently for your budget, and now I'd like to share the tips about how to do it with benefit for your health, in particular, heart.
     It was interesting to find out that avocado is extremely healthy for the heart. The main point is that it can be used as a supplement of butter, so that the diet will become less caloric. In this way it has a positive factor on the figure, as well. Moreover, this very product goes with such a wide range of other food, that it can be consumed every day. I also like the fact that it is very easy to pill. The main element which positively influences on heart is kalium.

     I never liked grape-fruit, it’s tasty only when you spend much time to clean it from thin peel which is then everywhere. But when a friend of mine told me that it’s good for heart, I had to grin and bear.

     What I do like and what positively reflects on heart is apple. I can eat kilos of this fruit a day without any grin of discomfort. The nice point is that apples are cheaper fruits than mentioned above.

     Pomegranate is the next on my list. I’ve even developed a special scheme of how to ‘deal with’ it. First of all, I separate edible seeds from skin and only then take to the pleasant part.

     We shouldn’t forget about pumpkin. It’s such a ‘multi-fold’ product. You can cook with it either sweet dishes or main courses. Everything depends on spices.

By the way, garlic is another food saver for our heart. It contains more than 60 healthy components and is effective during the treatment of hypertonia.
Eat tasty and stay healthy!=)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fashion news for upcoming spring.

     The general trend of upcoming spring is light shades. After blue winter period the eyes strive to see something of light and warm shades. It’s like greeting the warm and sun! What colours can be more appropriate for such an occasion. On the other hand, dark tints are still on the stage in form of emerald and deep purple. But this is true mostly for women fashion.
Spring fashion 2013

     Prominent designers are willing to make the crowds much brighter. Vintage still remains in trend. Light wafts of sixties make the outlook more romantic. Stripes, check, spot, and geometric patterns are extremely popular among current designers. Dinner jackets, pleat, and thrum ends will help to hide some excessive kilos after the long winter.


     For men there are other options to improve the wardrobe. Here dominate grey colours. Concerning texture, designers prefer synthetic materials. The interesting fact is that outdoor clothes are taking the first place. The main factor is now comfort. Therefore, we can observe some military traits in the modern outlook of a man. Baggy coats is an absolute trend in this season.

men fashion

      White colours as a symbol of innocence are prevailing in girls’ dresses. However, the distribution of light and bright shades is not so distinct in casual wear. We can observe grey, as well as, orange ones.
All in all, the variety of choice is amazing this spring, and everyone can find something based on their own preferences. 

Kids fashion

Friday, 18 January 2013

Modern trends. Are they for good?

     Should parents allow their children to make tattoos? It’s a rather controversial issue, and now I’ll explain why. The case is that I belong to that category of parents who usually allows children to do what they want, in case if it’s not beyond the bounds of decency. When my niece had her 18th birthday she wanted to make a tattoo. I explained her that later, in her adult life, it could turn out to be a problem, as not every employer wants to have his/her employees to wear such ornaments.
     So, she decided to choose not so catchy place, on the back of the neck. She has a long hair and usually wears it loose, thus, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, now, being 21, she literally hates her tattoo and wants to remove it, but such cosmetic services cost too much.
     On the other hand, I have another example of tattoo making by young people. My friend’s son decided to array himself with a tattoo when he was 20, he’d also chosen a ‘safe’ place – a leg. It’s very simple to hide. I have to admit that this tattoo is a masterpiece. In two years its owner is completely satisfied and want to extend it a little bit.
     To sum up, it’s possible to make some conclusions, that it’s better to make tattoo-decisions when your children are old enough and realize all the consequences. Moreover, the tattoo design should be thoroughly thought over and so beautiful that there’ll never appear an idea to get rid of it.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sport and Children

     The best advice concerning children and sports is to engrain sports tradition as early as possible. To my mind, free calisthenics is the best choice for girls, and swimming for boys. The both sports are better to be started training from earliest infancy. I do want each of my boys to go in for swimming, since this very activity improves health, bearing and gives an overall perfect body.

     I can serve a vivid example, as well, since I began training calisthenics when I was 5. And I’m so grateful for my parents who sent me there. From then on I didn’t have to think about any diets, some exercises which I still remember help me stay constantly fit. 

     I believe that there’re many ways to make kids be interested in sports. The easiest one is to be ruled by their preferences. I mean that if a child is crazy about football, some team, or a definite football player, why not to send him/her for some football trainings?

     More rational approach lies into explanations of why it’s so good to go in for sports. There’re plenty of reasons: many friends to find, health to become better, body to become fitter, and so on and so force.
     All in all, it’s worth remembering that every child is special, thus, it’s necessary to understand that children need personal touch, even concerning such a simple issue as sport activities. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Eco-friendly house

     The first point which should be considered while projecting a house is its energy efficiency. For example, isolation can save a lot of energy losses. By this it’s meant that through open chimneys, leaking roof, and badly isolated attics a lot of energy is wasted. To prevent this it’s recommended to use so-called thermal envelope, that is, everything that separates the inner space of the house from the outdoor influence. The interesting fact is that usually, appliances, which produce heat during their operation, are located in the foundation, and if it’s properly isolated, the owner of the house receive additional source of heating.
     During the construction, it’s preferable to use wood applying various sustainable methods of building, such as Optimum Value Engineering which utilizes forest treasures only when it’s necessary. Or, for instance, Insulating Concrete Forms, when using steel-reinforced concrete, the very process of construction becomes quicker and allows further development of the building.
     The next tip is that efficient house should experience shortage of windows, as they are main enemies of heat staying inside of the house. If you still want to have light space, you’re recommended to install most of the windows at the south wall of the house. 
     The key factor is that everything should be thoroughly thought over. Only in this way is it possible to reach the goal of making a house efficient one.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


For paste:
200 gram of flavor
65 gram of butter
65 gram of sugar
20 gram sugar
2 table spoons of cocoa
For filling:
900 gram of farmer cheese
5 eggs
180 gram of sugar
3 table spoons of milk
2 table spoons of flavor
a pinch of salt

1.    Mix the dough and put it into a fridge.
2.    Separate egg-yolk from white of the egg.
3.    Beat up yolks with sugar and whites with the juice of a lemon and a pinch of salt.
4.    Crumble the farmer cheese, add flavor, diluted in milk, lemon peel, yolks and whites.
5.    Stir up the mixture.
6.    Cover a baking cup with butter-paper.
7.    Take the dough from the fridge, put it into the cup forming the basis of a pie.
8.    Put the filling onto the basis.
9.    Bake it until doneness at the temperature 180 degrees centigrade.
Enjoy yourself!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Efficient Eating

     Nowadays, loads of money are spent on food. Delicacies are regarded to be so-called markers of prominent position in the society. Therefore, it’s a good point to consider if you plan to save a substantial part of your income.

      First of all, it is very advisable not to buy ready-made food or semi-finished products. Usually they cost a lot and cannot boast of a good quality. It’s much better to cook something by yourself from the products you’re familiar with. In this way, you also have an opportunity to have more balanced and healthy food, as you can control the whole process of preparation. 

     If you decrease the amount of meat consumed, not only you’ll save up, but also become slimmer, since it’s been proven that fruits and vegetables help to stay fit.
A good idea for saving money on food is to buy everything in big amounts, that is, by wholesale. In this way, you’ll spend less time in supermarkets, where the risk to buy something tasty and rich in calories is extremely high. 

      It’s worth mentioning as well that buying some domestic products you will support your native producers and domestic economy, spend less money on it, as such good are usually cheaper. Moreover, from the products which are grown in the climate you live in, you receive more vitamins. So, it’s rather beneficial.
Eat efficiently! =)

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions
     Now I hate New Year only for this very reason. The case is the previous year I strongly believed that resolutions are to be taken and to be stuck to. So, I decided that I had to be slim and fit. For this I’d chosen to become a vegetarian. In a few weeks this idea started to drive me crazy. I felt as if I was so restricted, as if my stomach was imprisoned. That’s why, I began trying some new fruits and vegetables which I’d never tried before. Then everything seemed to work out for the best. Variety of choice pleased my mind and body.
     But in a few days, a nightmare dropped on me from the clouds. I wish I had a full list of things which I’m allergic to. It is worth mentioning that earlier I had any. To put it shortly, it appeared that I was allergic to litchi. The thing is I’d never eaten it before. And the first time I tried it could be the last one for me at all. Fortunately, my husband was with me and was able to give me the first aid.
     From then on, I decided to give up experimenting and to take to working out in the gym. It’s the best option on the track of becoming slimmer and healthier. And in my turn, I do recommend to follow this lead.

Interview tips

     I believe that we cannot go far in a CV. It is really hard to make it catchy or exciting: too restricted form, too few place for letting your thoughts go far away. It can be still impressive, full of qualifications, useful experience and skills. But a great failure is to state something an author of a CV does not really possess. During the interview it becomes obvious straight ahead; this leaves few chances for applicant to succeed.
     Interview – this is the right place and time for standing out of all the others short-listed. Of course, confidence and goal orientation take the stage here. You should always remember to prepare some questions for your interviewer in advance, since their absence can be regarded as lack of interest or concentration.
     My personal experience shows that it is of extreme importance to be a pro of interview. For this purpose, I have a rather useful tip. You should go for interviews even not being interested in a new position. Let’s say, just for fun. In this way, being interviewed, you will be up your alley and behave absolutely normal. Personally I have earned plenty of useful tips for my further promotion.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Alcoholism among mothers

     I am strongly convinced that motherhood can be a strong motivation to give up drinking alcohol, but not vice versa. Each mommy, especially nursing one, should understand that she is entirely in charge of her child’s health. If not so, another factor which should influence on mothers, is that they are a vivid example for their children of how to behave themselves in the future. Such notions as alcohol addiction and motherhood are mutually exclusive ones which cannot exist side by side.
     However, there are exceptions from every rule. Unfortunately, it is subject to our issue, as well. Some mommies can be too sensitive and easily fall under influence of stress, which is inevitable while bringing up children. Then, alcoholism can be, as they suppose, a proper cure for them. It seems to me that the most affected ones are those who have genetic predisposition for such an ‘illness’. It is known that alcoholism among women is almost incurable, therefore, it should be treated rather seriously and dealt with in very roots. The list of possible signs of the beginning of alcohol addiction is excessive interest to the alcohol drinks, unreasonable dose escalation or too frequent ‘daily refreshments’. It is especially easy to notice if most intakes occur more often after being with a child.
     If mom still has a common sense and realizes by herself that she is doing wrong, she should ask her husband, mother, or close friends for help, since overloading of mother obligation can be sometimes unbearable. There should be some hobbies or other pleasant activities, which can distract from a little bit stressful work of a mommy.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Instagram is an option

     Instagram is a very interesting social phenomenon. This is a perfect variant of online version of a convenient diary which has such an option as to share your experience with your friends and even with the whole world.
     Nowadays it is a great place to recommend some worth-visiting places, for example, restaurants and cafes, to boast of buying some new staff and just to inform about some news.
     Compared with Facebook, Instagram has some evident benefits, from the parents’ point of view. The case is it is not for constant communication. Consequently, it takes not so much time, as Facebook does. Teens do not waste their entire time browsing in Instagram.
     I believe that the idea itself is really great. It makes teens be more open and easy-going leaving more place for real communication. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How to deal with SAD

     I believe that Seasonal Affective Disorder somehow has an impact on every person. For somebody it can be a slight decline of mood which will be overcome within a day, but sometimes people can fall into such a deep depression which can be too hard to be dealt with. Namely for this reason, plenty of medical solutions were developed.
Seasonal Affective Disorder

     The simplest way to pull SAD victim out of depression is to pull him/her out of the house. Fresh air, as well as, change of perspective can substantially improve the situation. Again, physical activity is of extreme importance. I have a vivid example of my friend. Last winter she suffered from this very disease and I literally took her by hand and brought to the gym. Not only had she lost weight, but also her winter blue vanished away.
Fresh air

     My personal treatment is sweets or something delicious. It always cheers me up. I don’t even worry about excessive weight. On the contrary, it’s a good motivation to go in for sports.

     Some specialists advise to keep record of mood changes with obvious reasons or, if there are not such, with circumstances under which you lost your high spirits. A so-called diary. My friend though, who is rather influenced by SAD, says it’s not useful. But I guess that every method should be tried. Who knows which one will be suitable for you?