Monday, 1 April 2013

Comfort Zone

     I guess that it is quite hard to lead interesting and bright life without crossing comfort zone. If you are afraid of doing this, you risk to draw into depth of routine. When you move through the same circle of day-to-day tasks, you are going to transform into some kind of machine which is programmed to function in a certain way.
                                          Comfort zone
     Speaking to the point, when I was getting married, I was afraid of sinking in this very route, therefore, I decided to do my best to brighten up all what was happening around me.
     First of all, I realized that in my childhood I was fond of dancing, but later studying forced it out of my schedule. The case is, I was seriously bound to be enrolled into the university. So, I decided to try to go in for rumba. It's partner dance, so got familiar with many people. My husband though was jealous about all this. I told him that I was not going to quit and that the only possible solution would be his joining me. To put it shortly, he agreed. To my total surprise. How jealous should he have been!
     I have one more method to break bounds of routine. It is traveling. Even now, when we've just bought a new house and try to spare a little bit, it is still possible. Since the crucial point here is the fact of moving, leaving your city. It shouldn't be far away. I'm sure that every state has something interesting to visit.
      All in all, it's an own choice of everyone. If you feel yourself comfortable in the same surroundings for a long period of time, you can stay at home. If not, go ahead!

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