Tuesday, 26 March 2013


trip to Europe
     A trip to Europe is a great way to celebrate the end of a huge stage in a child's life and make the step to the adult life more special. Therefore, I believe that it is rather important let you children go by themselves, of course, if financial issues allow.
                                      Trip to Europe
     Being on such a long distance and for such a long period of time provides kids with a great opportunity to gather such an important experience and teaches how to solve some routine, and sometimes, some extraordinary problems on their own.
     Another point during the preparation is that you should make some kind of educational speech in which you should explain all shoulds and shouldn'ts of behavior when being abroad, since it is necessary that your kid realizes that he or she should respect other nation's culture and traditions.
     You should also understand that overwhelming control during the trip will make your son or daughter be against you. Thus it's better to arrange some "contact schedule" when you will tex each other.
Trip to Europe
  On the other hand, you always want to be sure that nothing will go wrong with your offspring. Thus, it is strongly recommended to arrange the whole trip in advance. You should make sure that your kid won't sleep somewhere on the bench in a park, striving for some food. To prevent such situations, I would advise to give your child several credit cards, as well as some cash. Moreover, you should tell him to put it in different bags, so that he/she won't be left without money.

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