Thursday, 13 September 2012

The First One

Each blog has the first entry in it. If I had such a magical power, I would abolish this rule. There would be no more first entries, all the blogs would start straightly from the second post!

A joke's a joke, but it's just such a great responsibility to write the very first post, this little pioneer. It gives mood and tone to the whole blog, defines it's theme. So excuse me, if I am a little scared, and don't judge me, if this entry would seem too boring or faint.

I guess, in this post I have to tell what I am going to write about, the reasons why am I writing and may be tell a little joke so you would not run away J

It’s hard to be a mom. It’s harder to be a working mom. And it’s even harder, but incredibly wonderful, to be working mom of three kids… and it’s my life! So I am going to share everything that can be interesting or/and useful for other mommies, that find time for work, freelance and blogging.

I’ve decided to start this blog thanks to my kids. My daughter Claire asked about my childhood dreams. I told that I dreamed to become a writer. And then she asked what do I do to make my dreams come true. Sometimes kids say amazing things…

So I’ve decided to do SOMETHING. This blog is one of that things I’ve decided to do. I hope you (and I) will enjoy it J