Friday, 15 March 2013

Is Juice for Good?

Freshly-squeezed juice
     Some people are convinced that freshly-squeezed juice is the healthiest thing ever. It turns out though that it's not so good as it can seem at first glance. First of all, along with loads of vitamins, we receive a huge dose of carbohydrates in form of great amount of sugar taken in one time. But the case is juice is devoid of such a beneficial fruit trait as cellular tissue which has no caloric value, and thus is much more caloric.
     Moreover, it's too dangerous to take risks with vitamins, since increased intake of one can have a bad impact on the uptake of others. In addition, many medical specialists claim that every-day usage of fresh juice can lead to diabetes mellitus, as fructose in a liquid state increases the level of sugar in blood, it in its turn activates the producing of insulin in the organism. Thus, constant consumption of insulin makes people dependent on insulin.


  1. Also, if juice isn't pasteurized, there's the potential for contamination. All it takes is one animal, and something deadly could happen.

    1. Everything should be treated seriously, and then everything will be OK.)

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