Thursday, 25 April 2013

Kids in Danger

     But still, I have what to tell concerning this unpleasant topic. The case is that a few years ago I went on a small trip with a friend of mine and with our kids. We went to Spain for a week. The country is really gorgeous, all these golden sandy beaches and cooling water. It seemed to me that we had got into the paradise. But the next day after our arrival, it turned into hell for a couple of hours. The reason was that the climate of the resort spot appeared to be inappropriate for the kid of my friend and he fall ill with fever. We had, of course, the insurance package and it was supposed that our agent would solve all the problems, but we had to deal with everything on our own. Our agent took a leave just after our check-in.    
     Fortunately, previously I could always manage to overcome any disease of my kid and everything appeared to be well-treated and well-cured. We are lucky to have an excellent doc who are ready to help whenever it is necessary.
     So, I can say English of the Spanish in the town we stayed in was not so good, as their understanding of it. Thus, it was even harder to arrange everything. Luckily, we've found a doc with a good command of English who was a real pro in his field, so that we could spend the rest of our vacation enjoying the sun and the warmth.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Nostalgic rural miss

Rural area

     I have the experience of living in the rural area, not rather long one, though. The case is that now I'm mom for two babies. And when I was pregnant with my second child, I had to get rid of the city for a while, and it wasn't just my wish, it was a real necessity, since due to some strange circumstances I developed an allergy to the spring blossoms of the trees. Actually, I don't remember its name. The point is I couldn't bear it. And what made the things worse was that I couldn't take any pills, as they could be harmful for a kid. Fortunately, I have a granny who lives in the south area which does lack in greenery, therefore, the whole family took the decision to move there. And I've forgotten to mention that granny lives in a village with all the peculiarities of such an area.           

Rural area

     The hardest thing for me, though, was not getting used to all this stuff, I was really missing my husband who had to stay at home because of work. On the other hand, such a state of thing was great for the children. Fresh air (there were no factories to pollute the atmosphere) and spending all the time outdoors have really boosted health of my elder boy, my own health has also substantially improved. The hardest thing to deal with was the lack of water. I wasn't used to saving it so profoundly. Thus, it was a little bit tough at first, but later I'd coped with it.
     All in all, I was pleased with my staying there and want to proceed with spending there some vacations, so that kids will be devoid of constant sitting-in-front-of-the-computer.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tight Dressing

     Wide ties and middle ones are in again, as well as, self-colored, with classic prints (squints stripes) or with prints in retro style.

The style can be characterized as one of young Sean Connery, or dandies from 50's and 60's. Literally, all the ties are trendy except of tight ones. Patchworky ties will be extremely popular.
     Concerning wearing, the fashionable way now is considered to be the one when the waist is covered by a tie. Some fashion-passioners begin to wear ties put between the third and fourth buttons.
Moreover, modern patterns are regarded to be complex ones. In this even we can even observe zebra patterns.
     Bow tie are looked at as one rather fashionable item. Especially, if they are of some brigh colours.
An interesting fashion variant of this season, it seems to me, is a tie-cord. It looks really originally.
All in all, this season has a lot to offer which will be suitable for everybody's tastes and needs.
Patchworked tie


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Stressful Homework

Recently, I have come by my friend and was really shocked by our education system. The causal relationship is quite strange, but can easily explained. The case is my friend, Sarah, has a son, Tim, he's 11 years old. The child is extremely active, full of energy and, basically, he knows what to do with it, but the crucial point is he doesn't have enough time for it. He adores soccer and has several favorite teams, he's actively supporting. His schedule though is wholly dedicated to his school and arranged due to the home assignments he possesses. Plenty of subjects from various fields of knowledge and numerous tasks of absolutely diverse natures. I have no idea of how so small children can cope with all that. It was such a horrible picture of his sitting at his desk in front of computer constantly learning and cramming some new materials.
do my homework
It seems to me that such a pattern of studying is not acceptable. The main point is that in this age children, their organisms, in particular are at the stage of constant development. If there are some defects or distractions at this moment, they can negatively influence on the health of kids.
First of all, children are in need of constant physical activities, otherwise, with the coarse of time, under constant sitting pressure, they become low-spirited and cheerless. I guess that everyone will agree that such an image is not appropriate one for small kids. Thus, it is enormously important that kids have free time for some physical activities.
Moreover, assignments should be developed in an interesting and exciting way, so that children won't slip above their books. The theoretical material is for sure rather necessary one, being a basis for further education, I believe some practical tasks should be involved at this level, as well, making the whole process of studying much more engaging.
Finally, I'm a strong supporter of an idea that parents should help their children to cope with all this hazards of the school life. Additional material of entertaining character, for example, different picturesque encyclopedias, document films, etc. Moreover, I'm absolutely sure that almost in every family there's at least one expert in math or biology, geometry or chemistry.
homework help online
If you can argue with this stating that members of your family do not belong to any listed above, then there is an option for such families, as well. I have googled a little bit and have found loads of sites which dedicated to this theme. The first vivid example of homework help online which I've found was It deals with various kinds of home assignments: physics assignments, biology homework, stastics assignments, etc.
I really believe that parents should take an active part in their children's school life, thoroughly arranging their schedules combining different types of activities.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fresh and Cheap

     I like fresh juice due to their ability to activize me and cheer me up. I divide juice recipes into various categories. The first one is called: "Wake up!" solar energy inherited by citrus is a perfect option to begin your day. However, their acid impact on the stomach can be softened by melon or pine-apple. "Pink explosion" is a vivid example of this category. It consists of water-melon and strawberry and one glance on it is enough to wake up and high number of vitamin C will wake up the whole organism, just take 1/8 part of watermelon and 150 gr of strawberry. The smell of "Orange dawn", consisting of orange and peach will definitely inspire you for a fruitful day.
Fresh juice
To have a snack and light up, you shouldn't necessarily grab a cup of coffee or tea with cookies, you can just try some more fruity options. You can make your "Juicy Lunch" taking 2 carrots, a half of cucumber, two celeriac and a half of red beed. If you want your lunch to be more sweet, you should take two carrots and an apple. This creamy mix will make your day!    
     If you suffer from sleeplessness, you should try banana juice just right before going to bed. The low spirerone rate leads to sleep loop. Bananas contain amino acid tryptophan which produce this very spirerone.
Fresh juice
     To get rid of fatigue, you just need some courage to take your juicer and make an activizer fr yourself. Juice from one and apple and four trusses of broccoli will restore your energy level and dull the edge of hunger.
Fresh juice

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Travel Lifesavers

Having quite large number of trips per month, I have many important details to take with me, so that to feel comfortable on my way. But there's one thing without which I'll drive crazy. This one is headphones, and, of course the device to plug them into. However, the situation when I can forget my phone is outstandingly impossible, and it can be a satisfactory substitution of the player.
Headphones are life helpers in many cases when being on the road.
First of all, they can help you survive when you have a boring neighbor who believes that you should necessarily know all the details of his personal life.
They can help to fall asleep quickly listening to some calm cradling melodies. In general, music can create the atmosphere of the trip: from melancholic to cheerful one.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

When is it on time?

    The decision to finally have children is probably the most important one in a person's life, and most likely, most personal one. I mean that everyone has hos or her own idea concerning this issue. When it comes to kids, a lot of other side problems are being raised, most of them are of financial character. For example, the salary is not high enough, as well as, the position held, there is not enough space in the app, and, finally, the responsibility to take is extremely great.     Consequently, there can be some arguments about the moment for bringing children to life. Usually, men take here more pragmatic point of view, while women are eager to have children much earlier. On the other hand, there can be a situation when a woman tends to deal with her career at first, and only then plunge into family life. Conflicts on this very ground may even lead to the family collision and divorce. And what make it worse, it is extremely hard to reach a consensus here.
     Personally I had a situation similar to the second variant, I wanted to get promotion and only then take maternity leave. My husband was against this, since he believed that I should have been the base of the household. We were on the edge, ad I decided to give up, but not to the full extent. I've become a freelancer who works at home. As a result I have some kind of career development, as my portfolio is quite impressive now and an opportunity to raise my newly born son up.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Hard Teeth Times

baby teeth
     When my first kid had his first teeth cutting, my husband and I had possibly the worst times ever. The case is we were quite a young married couple finding ourselves still on the middle of career ladder. Therefore, we had plenty much work to cope with to get sufficient salaries. It was hard to combine working and raising our son, when the nights were unsleepable ones due to the constant crying because of the aching teeth. Once, we had unreasonable quarrel, and my husband was its initiator. I couldn't keep calm and told him that it was better for him to treat his nerves. Two days we didn't speak to each other. It was really hard, but I was firm to prove that I was right.
     On the third day I was awaited by the greatest surprise I've ever had. When I came home, my husband gave me a nicely knitted sweater for the baby. When I asked him where he had got it, he said that he'd made it by himself. It appeared that he had chosen knitting as a way to treat his nerves. It was so cute, that I apologized him everything and since then we've never had any groundless argues.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Calories Away!

      To put it simply, metabolism is the rate with which organism turns calories into energy. And we can influence on it. It was proved by the researches that there was three main factors which can have an impact on the activity of metabolism.
     First of all, you should have frequent meals. By this it's meant that it's better to eat less but more often. The case is that calories are spent for digestion, as well. Consequently, more frequently you eat, more calories your organism spends. This fact shows us the reason why constant springs to the diets are not fruitful.
     To my mind, the simplest way is the statement that any physical activity leads to burning calories. What's more, during the next hour after stopping working out.
The third detail is that muscles are the essential part of metabolism, muscles cells use more calories than fat ones, the half of kilo of muscles consumes app. 25-35 calories, while half of kilo of fat – only several ones. This means that the more muscles you have, the more calories it is burnt during the day not depending on the fact if you've worked out or not.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Little Finances

     I've already written how interesting the theme of children and money is (Young businessmen). And now, I would like to focus on it once more,
     Being a parent, I want my child to be wise in all the spheres of his life, including financial one. Concerning this very issue, though, I think that it is better to forget a little bit about money itself here and focus more on other aspects. By this I mean that it's better not to teach your child that money is good, since having it a child can afford many cool stuff, and, therefore, he or she should save money.
     To my mind, it is better to explain that money is the result of hard work and dedication. That's why, a kid should spend them wisely. Moreover, money is a some kind of future-protector which will allow later to get education and to develop personally. On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that money can be the way of helping other people, by this I mean charity, and to explain that one day a kid can have loads of money which can cover all his/her family's needs and demands. And then, such a state of situation is a great opportunity to help others.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Looking for a job?

      To find a good position is quite a hard task. Thus, it's better to make up some kind of strategy of how to search for a great company to work for.
      First of all, you should check if a company is trust-worthy one. There is no point in working for a bad one, since such an experience in the CV will have negative impact on further promotion. For this very sake, you can browse the Internet taking into account all the comments and articles. The site of the company should be a serious factor, as well, since a reliable company always has a thoroughly maintained one.
     On the other hand, you should get acquainted with all the booklets, so that you can be somehow familiar with the activity of the country, what it deals with and beneficially show such knowledge in the interview. Usually, while reading, some questions can rise in your head and it is also good, since in such a way, you receive good logical questions which can be addressed in the interview after the phrase: Do you have any questions? All the interviewers are pleased when you have some.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

No Standards for Studying

Distance education
     With such a high rate of technology development in our modern world, I believe that it is almost impossible to object non-traditional ways of education. I mean the now, in the Internet it is absolutely normal to get various skills and knowledge corresponding to all the standards of conventional education. Therefore, I see no point in rejecting candidates who've passed some Internet-based courses. The crucial factor is the result, the final product he or she got at the end of their studying. This can be easily checked in the interview by means of several questions from the field she or he has studied in. Moreover, the probation period will wholly show his or her achievements.
      In light of the written above, it's obvious that I belong to the group of people who gladly accept everyone with prominent skills and knowledge background. I try not to pay attention to some formal aspects. Real exponents are of much greater importance. I won't be pleased much with the fact that an employee has graduated from the university, when he or she makes something wrong. On the contrary, with the good performance, an employee is precious for me no matter what qualifications he or she has.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Comfort Zone

     I guess that it is quite hard to lead interesting and bright life without crossing comfort zone. If you are afraid of doing this, you risk to draw into depth of routine. When you move through the same circle of day-to-day tasks, you are going to transform into some kind of machine which is programmed to function in a certain way.
                                          Comfort zone
     Speaking to the point, when I was getting married, I was afraid of sinking in this very route, therefore, I decided to do my best to brighten up all what was happening around me.
     First of all, I realized that in my childhood I was fond of dancing, but later studying forced it out of my schedule. The case is, I was seriously bound to be enrolled into the university. So, I decided to try to go in for rumba. It's partner dance, so got familiar with many people. My husband though was jealous about all this. I told him that I was not going to quit and that the only possible solution would be his joining me. To put it shortly, he agreed. To my total surprise. How jealous should he have been!
     I have one more method to break bounds of routine. It is traveling. Even now, when we've just bought a new house and try to spare a little bit, it is still possible. Since the crucial point here is the fact of moving, leaving your city. It shouldn't be far away. I'm sure that every state has something interesting to visit.
      All in all, it's an own choice of everyone. If you feel yourself comfortable in the same surroundings for a long period of time, you can stay at home. If not, go ahead!