Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Want to Try Freelance Writing?

Usually, work from home is the only option to earn extra money for moms.There are many options, it depends on your speciality. 

As for me, I choose freelance writing. First of all, my speciality is English literature, so writing seems appropriate. Secondly, I can work few hours a day and still have time for kids and housing. At last, I can choose what to write about. Nobody forces me to write about topics I don’t like.
Where to start if you want to try freelance writing?

1)      Squidoo. I am sure you’ve heard about it. It’s a community where you can create pages (they are called lenses) on any topic you are interested in. You earn money for the ads automatically placed on your pages. You can also place Amazon goods on your page; in this case you earn money on each purchase somebody makes from your lens.

2)      Hubpages. Very similar to Squidoo. Pages are called hubs. Ways to earn money are practically the same (there are more different “marketing” modules on squidoo)

3)      Freelance writing companies
You can become a freelance writer at some online writing company. Usually they have a list of available projects and you can choose job you like. There are a lot of freelance writing companies; you can find their sites easily in google or bing. Some of them require payment for registering, but I think that it is better for beginners to try services with free sign-up. Here are some of them:
·         EssayWriters.net
·         FreelancerCareers.com

You can also launch your own website and/or blog. Fill it with quality unique content, attract auditory, update it regularly, and soon you’ll be able to sell blog posts or links on your site. It’s not literally freelance writing, but it is a lot like it. 

Hope you find this post useful. And Merry Christmas everyone!
Merry Christmas

Monday, 24 December 2012

Northern Lights

     Despite the fact of being such a magnificent phenomenon, northern lights, or aurora, have quite easy physical and astronomical explanation. The main factors causing this appearance are solar activity, which sends to the Earth charged particles, and magnetic field of the Earth, which directs these particles to the atmosphere, where so-called collision of sun and gas particles occurs and, here we go, amazing colours in the sky.
      An interesting fact is that in the upcoming year 2013, we are going to meet the period extremely rich in the northern lights. Then an issue arises: “Where to haunt for such miracles?” An answer is quite surprising, since if you’re a fun of aurora, you should head not only for Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic), but for Canada, as well. The case is that aurorae occur in the North Magnetic Pole which does not totally coincide geographically with Northern Pole. Thus, among other destinations for eager northern lights observers are Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and northern parts of Russia. 
     The great news is that auroras are most frequent during the solar activity, which will be the most active in year 2013. Therefore, we should all get prepared for these events, in particular, get equipped, since it’s rather difficult to take a picture of northern lights. Good luck!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

This Tricksy Doomsday

     The best advice here is to read some comments of NASA scientists who provide solid facts which prove perfectly well that in the near future, there will not be any Doomsday. If it does not help, there are some tips how to handle everything.
     First of all, there is a way of calming oneself down by creating perfect surroundings in preparation for This Day. You can buy food supplies enough for a week or two. In this way you’ll have a quite reliable background for surviving. (I mean if you're still obsessed with this idea).
Secondly, you can arrange with your family or friends to be together on this day. So, you’ll have a support. And finally, to have a hope and a strong belief that everything will be OK.
     For religious people, the best refutation of Doomsday is that in Bible it is stated that the mankind won’t know an exact date of the day of doom.
     Moreover, it is a good advice to watch some movies about world-wide disasters, which, in most cases, have happy-ends.
     But still, be sure that everything is going to be all right! As they say, stay calm and keep enjoying to live on such a beautiful Earth!=)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New Year Party

To make a party of a lifetime without spending much money, you should have a lot of time in reserve, since key points here lie in details.
Concerning decorations, hand-made tips go into use. All the festoons, wreaths and other New Year items can be made by oneself.
Speaking about festive table, you shouldn’t serve gourmet food. The only thing you should do is to successfully present your eat and drinks. What I mean is that from a pair of carrots and herbs can be a nice X-mass tree, and meat can be served in the form of a fir cone. Cookies can be shaped like snowmen.

Entertainment should be thoroughly thought over. I believe that karaoke is the best option. You can find great pieces of music in the Internet (New Year theme is easily found now) and kill two birds with one shoot, creating a proper atmosphere and amusing your guests.


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas hair

Recently, I've posted some ideas about perfect make-up for some festive occasion. It's high time we thought about hair. Why should we lose sight of it? Moreover, we have such a great holiday ahead! Here are some extraordinary tips of how to look specific on this day.
An original idea is to arrange various hear-dresses with the help of scarves. With appropriately chosen colours, they can serve as winter accessoires, as well.

Interesting variants can be made when using hair-slides in a ‘winter style’. It can be in form of snowflakes, deer, X-mass tree decorations (my favourite ones).

The sparkling detail themselves will create a festive imagine being quite catchy. But, in this case, it is necessary to control the whole outlook not to be too extravagant.

A great idea is to experiment with washing hair-dyes of some bright shades and tones, especially with cold ones silver-blue, or something like that. Or just wear a bright false hair, like Katy Perry does. 

At fancy party, a hair-do can be an object for decorations, as well. Why not to make something similar to X-mass tree on head?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Feels Like Christmas

Yeah, it feels like Christmas to me for since the 1st of December... :)
It's just the most wonderful part of the year, and I am enjoying every single minute of it.
So, here are some new Christmas ideas for you! Hope you will like it

Christmas Gifts Wrapping Ideas

Fireplace Christmas Decorations

Jingle Bells Lyrics

Santa Claus Reading

Winter Miracle

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter Inspiration

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... I love winter. Christmas, candles, New Year, snow, skates, skis, snowmen... Everything is just so beautiful, so inspiring. So my first winter post is dedicated to awesome, wonderful, magical - winter

Winter Dream by moroka323
Winter Moon

Winter City Landscape by Sabdi
Winter City Landscape

Happy Winter by fruitpunch1
Happy Winter

Winter Spirit by JLGribble
Winter Spirit - White Owl

Winter Church by Uvar
Winter Church

...and few more awesome pics with unknown authors

Beautiful Winter

Winter Wedding

Beach Snowman

Friday, 30 November 2012

Ideas for New Year

I already wrote about Christmas Spirit and today I'd like to share with you some ideas for New Year.
It's pretty simple and I hope this post will help you to create real New Year fairy tale :)
Christmas toys from peanuts

Creative Christmas toys

 New Year background for photos

New Year background for shooting

Mugs in scarves
New Year Mugs

Handmade postcard
New Year Postcard
Christmas balls
Christmas handmade balls

Star on a stick
Handmade New Year Star

Creative New Year toy with handprint
Creative New Year toy

 Wreath of apples and apple cup
apple cup

Ball made of cinnamon
cinnamon ball

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fun Westeros

I already admitted my love to Game of Thrones, and you can find some awesome pictures in my previous post. This one is dedicated to the fun pictures about our favourite characters.

Christmas is Coming :)
Christmas is Coming

House Lannister: Close Enough :)
House Lannister

Men in Black from the Wall :)
Men in Black: The Nightwatch

Men in Black: Jon Snow

I told the same thing at the cinema :)
Skyfall Westeros

Theon - Theoff

Game of Thrones Art

Yes, I am a hopeless fan of A Song of Ice and Fire. I was looking for some fan art in web, and God, why can't I draw like this! Unfortunately, I can't name the authors, but I am sure you can find them on deviantart or elsewhere. So.. enjoy!

Almost forgotten: there is a spoiler in the last picture for those who haven't read the third book yet.

Arya Stark

The Starks of Winterfell

Lyanna Stark

Christmas is Coming!

Red Wedding