Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Online Etiquette

     Are you surprised at the fact that Internet and social networks have totally conquered the modern world? There is hardly any field which can function without Web facilities. Consequently, Internet-communication technologies have already spread on the family relations. And in light of this, the problem of children and parents, so-called, generation gap has become even more topical.
Networking kids
     Parents have received a total control of their kids, they can assess profails of their offsprings' friends, the company they are in and interests and activities they prefer. Of course, natural reaction is to comment on such all the points. Some people choose to do this directly via Internet forgetting that it is a social sphere where every step is equal to the one you make in a real life. By this I mean that it is possible to gain reputation in these social networks, as well as, to lose it. And some unwise parents' reaction may lead to the last result. Therefore, parents, if they want to stay in touch with children in the Internet, should be always careful with their remarks.
     Personally I try not to forget this very point and express my opinion cincerning some children stuff in person. Generally, I believe that it is better to avoid any open communication in the networks, since it can embarrass your kid.
     And, all in all, it's better to remember that all we were young, and in such age the social opinion and common views are of extreme importance.

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