Monday, 18 March 2013


Marriage no
     To bring up children without getting married is not a big deal, especially, when taking into consideration the fact that your man is still with you. I can state this for sure, since I am witnessing this very situation right now (one of my friend). The reason for such a state of things is financial ones. The case is both her common-law husband and she have developed business, and if a divorce took place, it would be rather problematic to solve everything out. It can seem to be quite pragmatic, but such conditions are more convenient for them, and they don't care how it looks like for the third party.
     The main issue she worried about was our kids. The case is that at school, they fill in blanks about family, and there it is mentioned if parents are married or not. Therefore, she decided to explain kids the situation in their family telling the whole truth. And you know, they understood.
     Another advantage is that they try to make such situation bring romantic shades in their life.
     All in all, such family satisfies them perfectly well, and in the near future they're not going to change anything.

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