Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How to deal with SAD

     I believe that Seasonal Affective Disorder somehow has an impact on every person. For somebody it can be a slight decline of mood which will be overcome within a day, but sometimes people can fall into such a deep depression which can be too hard to be dealt with. Namely for this reason, plenty of medical solutions were developed.
Seasonal Affective Disorder

     The simplest way to pull SAD victim out of depression is to pull him/her out of the house. Fresh air, as well as, change of perspective can substantially improve the situation. Again, physical activity is of extreme importance. I have a vivid example of my friend. Last winter she suffered from this very disease and I literally took her by hand and brought to the gym. Not only had she lost weight, but also her winter blue vanished away.
Fresh air

     My personal treatment is sweets or something delicious. It always cheers me up. I don’t even worry about excessive weight. On the contrary, it’s a good motivation to go in for sports.

     Some specialists advise to keep record of mood changes with obvious reasons or, if there are not such, with circumstances under which you lost your high spirits. A so-called diary. My friend though, who is rather influenced by SAD, says it’s not useful. But I guess that every method should be tried. Who knows which one will be suitable for you?



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  3. The one and only solution of this problem is using a SAD light box in winter.