Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sport and Children

     The best advice concerning children and sports is to engrain sports tradition as early as possible. To my mind, free calisthenics is the best choice for girls, and swimming for boys. The both sports are better to be started training from earliest infancy. I do want each of my boys to go in for swimming, since this very activity improves health, bearing and gives an overall perfect body.

     I can serve a vivid example, as well, since I began training calisthenics when I was 5. And I’m so grateful for my parents who sent me there. From then on I didn’t have to think about any diets, some exercises which I still remember help me stay constantly fit. 

     I believe that there’re many ways to make kids be interested in sports. The easiest one is to be ruled by their preferences. I mean that if a child is crazy about football, some team, or a definite football player, why not to send him/her for some football trainings?

     More rational approach lies into explanations of why it’s so good to go in for sports. There’re plenty of reasons: many friends to find, health to become better, body to become fitter, and so on and so force.
     All in all, it’s worth remembering that every child is special, thus, it’s necessary to understand that children need personal touch, even concerning such a simple issue as sport activities. 

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