Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions
     Now I hate New Year only for this very reason. The case is the previous year I strongly believed that resolutions are to be taken and to be stuck to. So, I decided that I had to be slim and fit. For this I’d chosen to become a vegetarian. In a few weeks this idea started to drive me crazy. I felt as if I was so restricted, as if my stomach was imprisoned. That’s why, I began trying some new fruits and vegetables which I’d never tried before. Then everything seemed to work out for the best. Variety of choice pleased my mind and body.
     But in a few days, a nightmare dropped on me from the clouds. I wish I had a full list of things which I’m allergic to. It is worth mentioning that earlier I had any. To put it shortly, it appeared that I was allergic to litchi. The thing is I’d never eaten it before. And the first time I tried it could be the last one for me at all. Fortunately, my husband was with me and was able to give me the first aid.
     From then on, I decided to give up experimenting and to take to working out in the gym. It’s the best option on the track of becoming slimmer and healthier. And in my turn, I do recommend to follow this lead.

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