Friday, 4 January 2013

Interview tips

     I believe that we cannot go far in a CV. It is really hard to make it catchy or exciting: too restricted form, too few place for letting your thoughts go far away. It can be still impressive, full of qualifications, useful experience and skills. But a great failure is to state something an author of a CV does not really possess. During the interview it becomes obvious straight ahead; this leaves few chances for applicant to succeed.
     Interview – this is the right place and time for standing out of all the others short-listed. Of course, confidence and goal orientation take the stage here. You should always remember to prepare some questions for your interviewer in advance, since their absence can be regarded as lack of interest or concentration.
     My personal experience shows that it is of extreme importance to be a pro of interview. For this purpose, I have a rather useful tip. You should go for interviews even not being interested in a new position. Let’s say, just for fun. In this way, being interviewed, you will be up your alley and behave absolutely normal. Personally I have earned plenty of useful tips for my further promotion.

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