Saturday, 26 January 2013

Name Decision

what name to choose

     To choose a name for a child is probably the next hardest tasks for a mommy after bringing it into the world. There are so many possible variants which sound gorgeously and are so different that there’s almost no chance to make a decision. But what should you do if your relatives do not appreciate your choice? To my mind, the only person you should listen to in such a situation is your husband. I think that there should be equal right for the both parents to decide on the baby’s name. 
     I have plenty vivid examples which show that sonority of a name is about the custom. By this I mean that with the course of time when your relatives begin to adore your small kid, they’ll fall in love with its name whatever it is. Since our appreciation of a certain name is also based upon association. For example, when my aunt decided to call her child Alice, I hated this decision. But in a few months, it turns out that the name is not so bad as it seemed to me earlier. Therefore, I believe that it is wholly up to parents to decide how to call their baby. 

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