Tuesday, 22 January 2013

HH is for Heart Help!

     I've lready written about how to cook efficiently for your budget, and now I'd like to share the tips about how to do it with benefit for your health, in particular, heart.
     It was interesting to find out that avocado is extremely healthy for the heart. The main point is that it can be used as a supplement of butter, so that the diet will become less caloric. In this way it has a positive factor on the figure, as well. Moreover, this very product goes with such a wide range of other food, that it can be consumed every day. I also like the fact that it is very easy to pill. The main element which positively influences on heart is kalium.

     I never liked grape-fruit, it’s tasty only when you spend much time to clean it from thin peel which is then everywhere. But when a friend of mine told me that it’s good for heart, I had to grin and bear.

     What I do like and what positively reflects on heart is apple. I can eat kilos of this fruit a day without any grin of discomfort. The nice point is that apples are cheaper fruits than mentioned above.

     Pomegranate is the next on my list. I’ve even developed a special scheme of how to ‘deal with’ it. First of all, I separate edible seeds from skin and only then take to the pleasant part.

     We shouldn’t forget about pumpkin. It’s such a ‘multi-fold’ product. You can cook with it either sweet dishes or main courses. Everything depends on spices.

By the way, garlic is another food saver for our heart. It contains more than 60 healthy components and is effective during the treatment of hypertonia.
Eat tasty and stay healthy!=)

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