Friday, 18 January 2013

Modern trends. Are they for good?

     Should parents allow their children to make tattoos? It’s a rather controversial issue, and now I’ll explain why. The case is that I belong to that category of parents who usually allows children to do what they want, in case if it’s not beyond the bounds of decency. When my niece had her 18th birthday she wanted to make a tattoo. I explained her that later, in her adult life, it could turn out to be a problem, as not every employer wants to have his/her employees to wear such ornaments.
     So, she decided to choose not so catchy place, on the back of the neck. She has a long hair and usually wears it loose, thus, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, now, being 21, she literally hates her tattoo and wants to remove it, but such cosmetic services cost too much.
     On the other hand, I have another example of tattoo making by young people. My friend’s son decided to array himself with a tattoo when he was 20, he’d also chosen a ‘safe’ place – a leg. It’s very simple to hide. I have to admit that this tattoo is a masterpiece. In two years its owner is completely satisfied and want to extend it a little bit.
     To sum up, it’s possible to make some conclusions, that it’s better to make tattoo-decisions when your children are old enough and realize all the consequences. Moreover, the tattoo design should be thoroughly thought over and so beautiful that there’ll never appear an idea to get rid of it.

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