Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sticking to Personal Style

    I believe that there’s only one personal image which varies according to different events and conditions. I mean that if a person has found some individual hints in order to stand out from the crowds, they shouldn't change substantially., they shouldn't change substantially. Moreover, there are so many ways to make the outlook more personal. I believe that the most fruitful way to gain this goal lies in ornaments and ability to combine various clothes items.
    These ones are also useful if you have some festive occasion right away after your work. If so, some gorgeous necklace and ear-rings with shoes on high heels can radically change the whole outfit.
    It seems to me though that some personal traits in clothes shouldn’t fall out of the general mainstream of fashion, in particular, when you’re at office. Extravagancy is good only when it’s moderate.
    I like personal views on clothing when it comes to specific dress-codes. It’s a great ability to save the persona sticking to company’s corporate rules. It seems to me that here the main helpers are hair-does, glasses and small details such as brooch and conservative ornaments. 

Personal Style

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