Monday, 28 January 2013

Parents-Teacher Communication

     I believe that parents-teachers contact should take place during the educational process. I don’t claim, of course, that it’s an essential part of it. On the other hand, it can be rather beneficial for the both parties, plus, of course, for children. 
     The base for this very contact should be PTA meetings. Unfortunately, they are often ignored by many parents due to their overloaded schedules. They can though receive all the necessary information via e-mails, but so-called eye-to-eye contact is also quite important, especially when it comes to children conflicts. I believe that first of all they should be solved inside the family of each child. School premises are perfect place for such discussions. 
     When still there are no opportunities to appear at your child’s school, to stay in touch with a teacher can help modern means of communication. Personally I like to know how look like the conditions where study my kids and to know the opinion of the teacher about their performance. I always ask if I should help my children with their studying, and if so, in what way. 

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  1. We're lucky that we get to speak to our son's teachers every day. It does help us and in turn, helps our son.