Tuesday, 15 January 2013


For paste:
200 gram of flavor
65 gram of butter
65 gram of sugar
20 gram sugar
2 table spoons of cocoa
For filling:
900 gram of farmer cheese
5 eggs
180 gram of sugar
3 table spoons of milk
2 table spoons of flavor
a pinch of salt

1.    Mix the dough and put it into a fridge.
2.    Separate egg-yolk from white of the egg.
3.    Beat up yolks with sugar and whites with the juice of a lemon and a pinch of salt.
4.    Crumble the farmer cheese, add flavor, diluted in milk, lemon peel, yolks and whites.
5.    Stir up the mixture.
6.    Cover a baking cup with butter-paper.
7.    Take the dough from the fridge, put it into the cup forming the basis of a pie.
8.    Put the filling onto the basis.
9.    Bake it until doneness at the temperature 180 degrees centigrade.
Enjoy yourself!