Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Eco-friendly house

     The first point which should be considered while projecting a house is its energy efficiency. For example, isolation can save a lot of energy losses. By this it’s meant that through open chimneys, leaking roof, and badly isolated attics a lot of energy is wasted. To prevent this it’s recommended to use so-called thermal envelope, that is, everything that separates the inner space of the house from the outdoor influence. The interesting fact is that usually, appliances, which produce heat during their operation, are located in the foundation, and if it’s properly isolated, the owner of the house receive additional source of heating.
     During the construction, it’s preferable to use wood applying various sustainable methods of building, such as Optimum Value Engineering which utilizes forest treasures only when it’s necessary. Or, for instance, Insulating Concrete Forms, when using steel-reinforced concrete, the very process of construction becomes quicker and allows further development of the building.
     The next tip is that efficient house should experience shortage of windows, as they are main enemies of heat staying inside of the house. If you still want to have light space, you’re recommended to install most of the windows at the south wall of the house. 
     The key factor is that everything should be thoroughly thought over. Only in this way is it possible to reach the goal of making a house efficient one.


  1. Mhm! The house looks gorgeous.

    I'd happily live in one of those Eco houses xx

  2. This is really great. Its good to see home owners from all over make the effort to not only help themselves but also help the environment as well. We installed solar panels on our roof last summer and energy savings is amazing! This type of eco-friendly construction is becoming all the rage. Green homes are especially popular in Tennessee where I live. Not only are people renovating their existing homes, the majority of new construction is incorporating aspects of eco-friendliness as well.