Thursday, 3 January 2013

Alcoholism among mothers

     I am strongly convinced that motherhood can be a strong motivation to give up drinking alcohol, but not vice versa. Each mommy, especially nursing one, should understand that she is entirely in charge of her child’s health. If not so, another factor which should influence on mothers, is that they are a vivid example for their children of how to behave themselves in the future. Such notions as alcohol addiction and motherhood are mutually exclusive ones which cannot exist side by side.
     However, there are exceptions from every rule. Unfortunately, it is subject to our issue, as well. Some mommies can be too sensitive and easily fall under influence of stress, which is inevitable while bringing up children. Then, alcoholism can be, as they suppose, a proper cure for them. It seems to me that the most affected ones are those who have genetic predisposition for such an ‘illness’. It is known that alcoholism among women is almost incurable, therefore, it should be treated rather seriously and dealt with in very roots. The list of possible signs of the beginning of alcohol addiction is excessive interest to the alcohol drinks, unreasonable dose escalation or too frequent ‘daily refreshments’. It is especially easy to notice if most intakes occur more often after being with a child.
     If mom still has a common sense and realizes by herself that she is doing wrong, she should ask her husband, mother, or close friends for help, since overloading of mother obligation can be sometimes unbearable. There should be some hobbies or other pleasant activities, which can distract from a little bit stressful work of a mommy.

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