Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Want to Try Freelance Writing?

Usually, work from home is the only option to earn extra money for moms.There are many options, it depends on your speciality. 

As for me, I choose freelance writing. First of all, my speciality is English literature, so writing seems appropriate. Secondly, I can work few hours a day and still have time for kids and housing. At last, I can choose what to write about. Nobody forces me to write about topics I don’t like.
Where to start if you want to try freelance writing?

1)      Squidoo. I am sure you’ve heard about it. It’s a community where you can create pages (they are called lenses) on any topic you are interested in. You earn money for the ads automatically placed on your pages. You can also place Amazon goods on your page; in this case you earn money on each purchase somebody makes from your lens.

2)      Hubpages. Very similar to Squidoo. Pages are called hubs. Ways to earn money are practically the same (there are more different “marketing” modules on squidoo)

3)      Freelance writing companies
You can become a freelance writer at some online writing company. Usually they have a list of available projects and you can choose job you like. There are a lot of freelance writing companies; you can find their sites easily in google or bing. Some of them require payment for registering, but I think that it is better for beginners to try services with free sign-up. Here are some of them:
·         EssayWriters.net
·         FreelancerCareers.com

You can also launch your own website and/or blog. Fill it with quality unique content, attract auditory, update it regularly, and soon you’ll be able to sell blog posts or links on your site. It’s not literally freelance writing, but it is a lot like it. 

Hope you find this post useful. And Merry Christmas everyone!
Merry Christmas


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