Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fashion news for upcoming spring.

     The general trend of upcoming spring is light shades. After blue winter period the eyes strive to see something of light and warm shades. It’s like greeting the warm and sun! What colours can be more appropriate for such an occasion. On the other hand, dark tints are still on the stage in form of emerald and deep purple. But this is true mostly for women fashion.
Spring fashion 2013

     Prominent designers are willing to make the crowds much brighter. Vintage still remains in trend. Light wafts of sixties make the outlook more romantic. Stripes, check, spot, and geometric patterns are extremely popular among current designers. Dinner jackets, pleat, and thrum ends will help to hide some excessive kilos after the long winter.


     For men there are other options to improve the wardrobe. Here dominate grey colours. Concerning texture, designers prefer synthetic materials. The interesting fact is that outdoor clothes are taking the first place. The main factor is now comfort. Therefore, we can observe some military traits in the modern outlook of a man. Baggy coats is an absolute trend in this season.

men fashion

      White colours as a symbol of innocence are prevailing in girls’ dresses. However, the distribution of light and bright shades is not so distinct in casual wear. We can observe grey, as well as, orange ones.
All in all, the variety of choice is amazing this spring, and everyone can find something based on their own preferences. 

Kids fashion

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