Monday, 11 February 2013

Clean as you Dream

     Cleaning the house can turn into a real nightmare, which will be always put away for later. Until finally you just can’t stand the mess your house has transformed into and spend hours or even days to arrange everything. Therefore, it is advisable to make up some kind of plan of keeping your house clean.
     First of all, you should create some routine rules for yourself. For example, morning one with making your bed, discarding rubbish, etc, and evening one for washing up, cleaning the cooking place. 


     Then, you should determine some problem zones in the flat which are always cluttered. Usually, it’s some horizontal surfaces. If you spend a minute a day to place everything in proper places, you’ll have no troubles with it any more.
     The next step is to divide the flat into four spheres. One week in a month you dedicate to one zone and clean it 15 minutes per day, not more. For this sake, it’s recommended to use timer.

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