Saturday, 16 February 2013

Computers vs. Socializing


     The current trends of our modernized world show us that people are quite often become replaced by various kinds of machines. Numerous branches are affected, of course, the greatest influence is being observed in the industrial one, but social issues take the stage, as well. Social networks appear to be of the same importance as real life is. Consequently, we may suppose that computers and their ‘successors’ are being able to replace people as interlocutors. In its turn, it leads to shortage of communication and increase of estrangement among people. 

    More and more gadgets, such as iPads, are being used not only for the sake of their convenience during the studying or working, but also in order to stay in touch with friends. In this way, you don’t have to leave the office or college premises so that you can meet with your friends at a lunch break, you can just order some food to your work or study place, take a picture of what you are going to eat, share it with friends and discuss, again via Internet, the latest news. 

    Personally I am extremely frightened by this tendency, since the real contact, real friendship can be lost. I adore different traditions to meet during the day for lunch or on the weekends to profoundly rest in a good company. The lack of it will lead to the life becoming blue and empty, since I believe that online life is absolutely deprived of real feelings and emotions, the task of which is to brighten the day-to-day routine up!

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