Monday, 25 February 2013

Rewarding. Pros and Cons.

Rewarding children

     A commonplace method of bringing up children is rewarding. The issue has either its supporters or its opponents. Personally, I belong to the category of parents who retort to it rather moderately. I can explain it. The case is I don’t want to gift my child something for some simple good deeds. In this way, I believe, it is possible to receive rather pragmatic person, who will be kind to people only knowing that he or she will have something in return for it. Concerning this issue, I try to speak, to explain basic moral principles which should be ground for everyone’s life.

Rewarding children

     On the other hand, it is essential to encourage children for their success, for example, educational and sport fields. They should know that all this is deliberate way to receive some materialistic rewards in the future. Dealing with the sphere which presupposes prospects, a child should know why he or she should move forward.
     This is my personal opinion and I believe that it will have extremely positive result.

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