Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Last winter memories

Golden retriever
     The whole family was amused with the idea of having a pet. Personally I, being now a 'grown-up', had been dreaming of it since my childhood. Thus, I decided that my children shouldn’t have waited for so long, and we bought a golden retriever. There couldn’t be any other outcome than that he became ‘people person’ not only in family circle, but also in our neighborhood and among guests.
     This New Year was the first one to celebrate with Dodge (our dog). And it turned out to be a complete disaster. The reason for this was that there were so many dangers for him all around the house.
     All started with X-mass tree ornaments. They seemed to him so bright and harmless, that he couldn’t but play with them. He’d broken plenty of them having his paws hurt. I was terrified with the thought that he could swallow it. Luckily, everything was OK, and we put our tree away.
Golden retriever

     We had to reject the idea to lit candles, as it was another risk for the dog. The same was with Bengal lights.
     And, the last but not the least, is a festive table. Everybody was so cheerful and happy that wanted to feed our dog that was the morning after suffering from overnutrition and stomach aches.
     To sum up, pets are extremely serious issue and we are ought to constantly keep eye on them.

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  1. Dogs our pretty smart at learning things. My dog is a poodle and he loves getting into things too. The nice thing is that Christmas only comes once a year and having a dog gives you incentive to put the holiday decorations away early.