Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Extremelly Serious Task!

     Choosing swimwear is rather hard task. A great variety of colours, materials, and forms can drive anybody crazy. To my mind, the most important criterion should be its fitting to your figure. Thus, want to propose some main tips.
     For those who feel that they have some unwanted kilos, should pay attention to closed swimsuits, moreover, some of them have special control insets which will help your waist stay slim.You should avoid bright and light colours, the best are dark tones. In no way should it include sparkles.

Swimwear Black

     For those with broad hips it is recommended to choose a swimsuit with plain and simple lower part. On the contrary, the upper one should be bright. 


     Another interesting tip is to use the rule of beach wrap. You should put it not horizontally, but aslant. Vertical lines always make the figure slimmer. 


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