Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stay Watered!

      As you all know, our organism consists of 80% of water. But this is the number for new-babies. With the course of time, in an average person this amount decreases to 50% due to harmful impact of firm environmental conditions. The process of dehydration influences negatively on the people’s organism. Therefore, certain means should be utilized to prevent it. 
     First of all, scientists have proved that common minimal physical activity can help keep water. The case is, muscles contain about 70-75% of water, while fat layer only 10-15%, thus the thicker it is, the more muscles you have – the water your organism keeps.

     Moreover, people are advised to stick to so-called war regime, according to which they should: consume water in one hour before or after meal, as it dissolves gastric juice; the water consume should be a little bit cooled, since in such a way it’s more easily absorbed; during active loss of weight it’s necessary to drink more water; if a person increases the amount of protein in his or her diet, he or should increase the amount of water, as well; caffeine, alcohol and nicotine decrease the level of water; for the sake of cleaning the organism, it is advisable to drink water after sleep.

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