Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Government vs. Schools

     Who should be responsible for the education process: the government or the educative establishment itself is rather controversial issue. The main point of why government should control this very field can be explained by the willingness to make education universal, equal for everyone. But this very fact can’t be observed in our day-to-day reality. Therefore, to my mind, the schools should take the first stage. 
     Local authorities, I mean, one on the schools’ premises, will for sure know better how to arrange some or other problems. By this I mean that they know all the headaches of a definite sphere of their establishment, what kind of children attend it and what approach should be applied to them. I believe that teaching and learning are rather individual processes which shouldn’t be so globally controlled. Of course, there should be some restrictions, as a general rule. Any civilized country has ones for the sake of order in the society.

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