Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Young businessmen

Children and Money

     I'm used to the fact that children do not differ from adults, they are just smaller that's it. But the other days, I was shocked by how smart my nephew is. The case is he decided to become a small entrepreneur. I admit that such an idea is rather popular among kids when they begin selling lemonades on the street and some old toys they’ve been already tired of.
It seems to me though that my boy turned out to be rather original, since he invented to get money allowing other boys to play on his computer. Recently, parents bought him some super popular and brand new game. He was the first in the neighborhood to receive it. At first, he allowed them to play for free, but when the number of anxious increased he fixed fee for the time spent playing. 50 cents for ten minutes. And what’s interesting, this very number didn’t fall. In such a way, he has earned his first money. 
Children and Money

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