Thursday, 28 February 2013

Homework Collapse


      I help my child with his home assignments. I have to admit that I have absolutely humanitarian turn of mind, and sometimes it’s rather hard for me to deal with some math tasks. Thus, I use some online services which provide ready-made home tasks, so that I can check the results performed by my kid. 
     Consequently, I always know the right answers and results, and to tell you the truth, it’s always pleasant to be thought by your offspring to be a genius. So, the method is simple. I look at my child’s assignments, order it to be done and sent me back via e-mail, try to understand it, and then explain it to my boy, in case he makes some mistakes. 

      Everything would be perfect if it wasn’t for my kid’s curiosity. He found out my clever plan. He saw as I was looking for some details in computer and asked me why there are his assignments on my desktop. I had to tell the truth and now I have to check his online history, so that he can’t use the same services as I used. 

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