Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Appropriate for New Mommies

     To become a mommy is probably the most desirable aim of every woman. Of course, it can be contradicted by the fact that in our modern and fast-moving world, women have become interested more in their work than in family development, but I guess that such statements belongs to those who’ve never experienced the happy moment of giving life.
     At such a great moment mommies are overwhelmed with attention paid to them by all their near and dear ones. Everyone tries to express their feeling concerning such an occasion, and sometimes, it turns out that not everyone is as silver-tongued as he or she would like to be. It would be OK if it leaded only to awkward situation, but what if a speaker can offend a new mommy? Therefore, it’s recommended to be rather careful with congratulations however harmless they might seem.
    When you see the baby for the first time, it’s better not to comment on the appearance rather directly. I have witnessed the situation when a newcomer has commented on the weight of the baby, which was rather impressive, not knowing about the conversation a few minutes before. The case is the parents of a baby have problems with weight and they were afraid and told about it that their child would have it too. The best is to give some general compliments, nothing specific. 

     Moreover, you shouldn’t make any statements about the gender of a baby. Such confusions may be quite awkward. In this case, it is more convenient to use child, kid, baby, instead of girl and boy. Another variant is to get to know in advance the gender of a child.
     To sum up, it’s left to emphasize that the first meeting with a newborn is quite serious one, thus, you should be armed at all points not to spoil such a charming moment.

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