Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentine's Hint

Valentine's Day
      Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic events in the whole year. It’s a perfect occasion for women to smartly dress up and feel themselves beloved. I guess that the most traditional way to celebrate it is a festive dinner with candles and flowers. On one hand, it can seem a little bit boring, on the other, if you add some traits, it can appear to be some kind of adventure.
I have a vivid example of how to brighten up a simple festive Eve. I love the idea of non-direct invitation for a dinner in form of prompts and pointings via different spy games. It brings some spirit of mystique.
Another way can be some thematic party for two of you. Some elements of fancy parties always cheer up. All in all, I believe that everything should be arranged with fantasy and inspiration. Only in such a way is it possible to create something personal. 
Valentine's Day

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  1. I know Valentine's Day gets a lot of haters, but I do kind of love the concept of having a day where women should be appreciated and made to feel loved!