Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Who to Tip When Travelling

I have been travelling the world for many years with my family. I have come across many tipping scenarios. I learned when to tip, who to tip, and when not to tip. Hopefully my suggestions will help you on your next trip aboard.

Keep in mind; you don’t have to tip every customer service person you run into abroad. There only a few people that require a tip: Waiters, Taxi drivers, Hair Dressers, and Bartenders.

Waiters- Tipping rule: no matter what country you are in, you should always leave a tip for your server. This way you will not offend him/her and leave a good impression, who knows you might decide to go back to that same restaurant. However, if your servers are just plain rude, which in some cases this can happen, it has to me. I would suggest for you not to leave a tip. As it is there job to serve you, and keep you happy.

Taxi Drivers- This depends on case to case. I mean most cases; yes, you tip the taxi driver, but in some countries, when you know the taxi driver is ripping you off and you are nearly paying double. Don’t tip. They are already pocketing that extra cash, and just taken advantage of you.

Hair Dressers- I believe you should always tip the hair dresser. In most country this is their only income they survive on, and will bring home to their family. It depends on you, on how much you should tip, I typically leave 20% and the hair dresser is happy.

Bartenders- In the United States yes you should tip the bartender. If you know you are going to be spending the whole night at one bar, I would suggest laying down $20.00 on the bar after the first drink order. Usually the bartender will serve you stronger drinks through out the night, which you end up spending less money and you will never have to wait.

Hotel Staff- When it comes to tipping at the hotel. I would leave this to your discretion. Commonly I would tip after the maids have cleaned our room. I noticed when ever I do so, they always make a nice design out of our towels, like a heart or snake. It’s very cool to see, and it is like them saying Thank you. I love it.    

Hostess- I would never tip the hostess, even if the restaurant is full; it is always his/her job to be able to find you a seat. It doesn’t matter if you give them money; it is their job to seat you in a particular spot to whatever server is next inline. 

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