Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Travel with Kids

If you have kids, you understand me. It might be very hard to travel with them. So this entry is dedicated to the little secrets you may use to make your trip easier. All of them are from my own experience, and I have three kids, so you can imagine how desperately I need them :)
So, if you  are going to travel with your kids, I recommend you to:

Bring a movie

If you don’t have a portable DVD player I would say it’s definitely a great investment. If you do have a portable DVD player, its best to get your children together the night before your trip and have them pick out a movie they all will agree on. Yes this may take some time, but that’s why you have them pick out the movie the night before to avoid any arguments in the car. A movie is great way to keep your kids quite and entertained for a few hours.

Bring their favourite healthy snack

Of course your kids will be hungry during the car ride. They more than likely will be asking you to stop to grab a snack or a drink. Make sure you pack a good variety of healthy snacks that you know your kids will love. Better yet, sit them down the night before and put there snack choices in front of them and have them create their own snack bag, this will help them individualise their bags and avoid any possible stealing of others’ snacks.

Comfortable clothes

Your kids may be riding in the car for hours. Its best to make sure your kids wear comfortable clothes. Depending on the time of year, keep the air conditioning or heating to a relatively normal room temperature. Make sure your kids are wearing the appropriate clothes based on the temperature you set, along with comfortable clothes and provide and blankets just in case if one or all get cold.   

Their favourite toy

I recommend grabbing 3 toys for each child, that is car friendly, again the night before have each child pick out one toy or stuff animal to bring with him/her. This will help keep your child entertained after the movie and if he/she picked a stuff animal, it will help comfort him/her from being away from home.

Get your kids to be sleepy.

Lastly, you should try to tire out your kids before you leave for your trip. If this means the night before or mid day take you them to the park have them run around for an hour or so, this will help your kids burn the energy they have and hopefully help them to fall asleep for a part of the trip. If your trip is in the summer have them go swimming. If your trip is in the winter have them go sledding. Any physical activity will wipe them out. 

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